Why Kishimoto Forgot His Side Characters In Shippuden

Some fan-favorite characters frustratingly got sidelined in Shippuden. Here’s why Kishimoto seemingly forgot about them during the series. Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto series is considered to be one of the best shonen manga series of all time, having enjoyed quite an incredible run up to 2014.

Naruto focuses on the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young boy in a village called Konoha who aims to become the greatest ninja, called the Hokage, and earn everyone’s acknowledgment. Through Naruto, Kishimoto managed to show the fans some incredible character writing and it is safe to say that the protagonist of the story is arguably his very best. Note: C’era una volta il crimine Streaming ITA

Naruto also has a very rich cast, filled with some wonderful characters who all have their own dreams and motivations. As seen in the first part of the story, every character to be introduced received special care from Kishimoto and fans could connect with them on a special level, which was nothing short of incredible. Expectedly, this built expectations for the characters going forward in the story, however, with Naruto Shippuden, the side characters started to become less relevant and didn’t receive as much attention from the author. This has been one of the most glaring weaknesses of the Naruto series as a whole and there’s certainly a reason behind it.

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What Happened To Kishimoto’s Side Characters?

As Kishimoto’s story moved forward, the series started to focus more on the main characters, and very little time was given to the side characters. For Kishimoto, focusing on Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha was much more important than giving the likes of Rock Lee or Tenten, or even Sakura to some extent, attention. Looking at how Naruto Shippuden dealt with the stories of Naruto and Sasuke, it is quite clear that the two paralleled each other throughout its run and eventually, fought each other. While Naruto was often compared to the light, Sasuke was compared to darkness and this theme became a growing focus of the story with time. Note: Al Cento Per Cento Streaming ITA

Through Sasuke, the Uchiha clan also received a lot of exposition as the likes of Obito Uchiha and even Madara Uchiha stepped into the fold. The Uchiha generally became central to the plot, being linked directly to the Project Tsuki no Me. On the flipside, Naruto Uzumaki and his Senju relatives became the opposing force for the Uchiha, which is what the majority of the story was all about towards the end.

Anime To Watch If You Love Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is one of the most iconic action shows of all time. The adventures of Naruto and his friends as they fight to protect Konoha are filled with triumphs, heartbreak, and as many wild superpowers as you can think of. In terms of plot, characters, and battles, it’s hard to beat Naruto Shippuden for sheer scale. Not to mention the amazingly animated fights that cement the series’ most important moments in our minds forever! But maybe you’re trying to spice up your anime nights with some Naruto-like action fun. We have some anime for you to check out that might scratch that itch between marathons.

About Naruto

Naruto is the quintessential shonen anime series, embracing some of the worst tropes in the genre and making them somehow work.

Naruto is one of the most popular and beloved anime franchises of all time. Since its debut, it has become a household name. Even non-anime fans know who Naruto is, and the series even rivals classic giants like Dragon Ball. As much as fans love Naruto, everyone can agree that the series tends to be cliché, hammy, and even downright ridiculous sometimes.

With hundreds of episodes and over 20 seasons, it’s no surprise that not everything in Naruto is perfect. However, many look past the kinks in the series and can still love it regardless. No matter how dumb the series gets, fans just can’t hate their favorite knuckleheaded ninja.

The “Never Give Up Message” Is So Cliché, But Naruto Makes It Work

Stories telling their viewers to “never give up on their dreams” is a tale as old as time. Fans have seen this moral shoehorned into media countless times, and many see it as an overused and tired cliché. But somehow, when Naruto does it, there’s just something uplifting and inspiring about it. Naruto fights for his dreams from the very start, his faith in himself and his friends never wavering. His charisma and spirit make viewers want to see him succeed. Even if the “never give up” message has been done so many times before, Naruto really gets the point across better than any other.

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