Which One Have You Watched? Recommended 10 Educational Themed Movies

A good film, not just a film starring actors/actresses with good acting or cinematography that spoils the eyes.

A good film also means a good story plot and a well-delivered moral message. One of them, which makes the audience feel they got “something” different.

Education is one of the inserts that can be embedded in a film to convey a message. Some films that have a message about education, become eternal films that will always be remembered for their very cool educational message delivery.

Here are 10 educational films that catch your heart, have you watched them yet? It’s a must watch.

1. 3 Idiots (2009) – 8.4

The only Bollywood production on this list is indeed a phenomenal film. Watching this film, we will realize that schools have so far enslaved the minds of their students, rather than enlightening them. The three “idiots” described here will also tell a lot about the education system in India which is more or less similar to Indonesia.

2. Good Will Hunting (1997) – 8.3

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon write the story of Will Hunting, a young genius who works as a janitor (janitor) at MIT, one of America’s leading institutes. Will’s talent was later discovered by one of the professors who taught there and he was directed to find his purpose in life with the help of a psychologist. This touching drama story made Ben Affleck and Matt Damon win the Oscar for best screenplay that year.

3. Front of the Class (2008) – 8.2

Do you know what Tourette Syndrome is? This is a kind of neurological disease that causes the sufferer to make various sounds from his mouth or move his limbs unconsciously. What happens if a Tourette’s sufferer becomes a school teacher? Can the students accept it? What about the parents and the school? The true story of Brad Cohen, an elementary teacher who suffers from Tourette is beautifully presented here.

4. Dead Poets Society (1989) – 8.1

For movie maniacs, this film is a must watch. Robin Williams plays a literature teacher who teaches freedom of thought to his students. His struggle to get students to challenge the school environment that is too rigid makes him then face many difficulties. This film is one of the most quoted films in everyday life. “Carpe diem”, is one of them. It means “Seize The Day”.

5. The Blind Slide (2009) – 7.7

This is the true story of Michael Oher, a young man who has learning difficulties but is good at playing American Football. Born to an addict mother and an unhealthy environment, Michael met the Tuohy family, who later adopted him as one of their children. Sandra Bullock, the actress who plays Mrs. Tuohy, Michael’s adoptive mother here, was awarded an Oscar for her stunning acting.

6. Freedom Writers (2007) – 7.5

Erin Gruwell (Hillary Swank) finds herself trapped in a classroom filled with racist high school students. As a literature teacher, he then approached through reading books, to teach his students that there was nothing wrong with accepting differences. As a teacher, Erin really devotes all her time and energy to educate the students.

7. Akeelah and The Bee (2006) – 7.4

Akeelah Anderson is a smart girl. Unfortunately, no one in his family gave him any motivation when he was asked by his teacher to take part in a spelling bee competition. Her mother is a single parent who is busy working to support her children after Akeelah’s father died.

Akeelah then met a Professor, a language coach. Can Akeelah achieve her wish to become the International Spelling Bee champion? Just listen, so you are not curious.

8. Finding Forester (2000) – 7.3

Forester is a famous writer who chooses to live alone away from the crowd. One day he met a young black man whom he taught to write. The relationship between Forester and this young man is the strength of this film, which will show you that in learning, you need determination not to give up quickly.

9. Monalisa Smile (2003) – 6.5

In today’s era, a woman can have a free mindset and choose not to marry because she prioritizes career. In the 1950s, this was something strange and scary. Julia Roberts, plays an art lecturer who tries to open up the horizons of female students at an elite school in America in the 1950s.

The female students who were initially hostile to the ‘weird’ lecturer finally started to understand it. A film full of messages, especially for you, who want to motivate women to move forward.

10. Dangerous Minds (1995) – 6.4

A former Marine named Louanne Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer), switched professions to become a high school teacher. He has to teach a school located in the Bronx area which is quite challenging, because the average student lives in an area where drugs are traded.

Louanne’s endeavor to teach her students to understand English subjects makes this film very interesting with beautiful music scoring. Even though it was shot in 1995, this film never feels old school, because the theme it brings is appropriate to study at any age. By the way, this film is based on a book by Louanne Johnson herself, you know, so this is an original story that she experienced.

Those are the ten educational-themed films that will make you feel enlightened after watching them. Remember, a good film is one that is full of moral messages.

Enjoy watching!

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