What Would Man Of Steel 2 Even Look Like Now?

What Would Man Of Steel 2 Even Look Like Now?
What Would Man Of Steel 2 Even Look Like Now?

While many wish to see another Superman movie starring Henry Cavill, producing a Man of Steel sequel almost 10 years later would not be an easy task.

A Man of Steel sequel starring Henry Cavill as Superman has been one of the most campaigned for projects in the DCEU, but pulling off a Man of Steel sequel 10 years after the first movie would be a difficult task. Almost five years after Henry Cavill’s last appearance as Superman in the DCEU, 2017’s Justice League, the future of the character has once again become a topic of discussion given how much Dwayne Johnson has teased a Black Adam and Superman crossover. Even if Henry Cavill’s Superman fights The Rock’s Black Adam at some point, Henry Cavill’s true DCEU return would have to involve another Superman solo movie – namely, a Man of Steel 2.

The problem is that, after almost 10 years, two Superman appearances in crossover movies, and a highly divisive Zack Snyder story that never got to be concluded, Superman’s DCEU story remains a question mark. Snyder’s Superman arc would continue in Justice League 2 and Justice League 3, neither of which is expected to happen. The DCEU also hasn’t given Superman a new storyline even though it is clear that Superman’s Snyderverse arc is no longer happening, leaving the character in limbo. As such, a Man of Steel 2 would have to be closer to a soft reboot than to a true Man of Steel sequel for it to work.

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Why Man Of Steel 2 Still Hasn’t Happened

Technically, the closest thing to a Man of Steel 2 was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Initially, the idea was for Man of Steel 2 to be a proper Man of Steel sequel entirely focused on Superman and his supporting characters, with Lex Luthor and Metallo eyed as the villains. Essentially, what director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan wanted was for Man of Steel to be the start of a Superman trilogy that would follow the footsteps of the Dark Knight trilogy. Man of Steel shared many similarities with Batman Begins, which is no coincidence given that they were both written by David S. Goyer. Though Zack Snyder revealed that he planned on ending Man of Steel 2 with a Bruce Wayne tease, the plan was for the film to be a true Man of Steel sequel and not a crossover movie.

That changed once The Avengers’ astonishing success made clear that audiences were interested in shared universes. Warner Bros. decided to create a DC cinematic universe in the molds of the MCU, and thus Man of Steel retroactively became the first DCEU movie. With plans for a Justice League movie to be released in just a few years, the Man of Steel sequel would have to introduce several DC superheroes. Man of Steel 2 then became Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a crossover film that also featured Wonder Woman and briefly introduced Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman.

While Batman v Superman made far more than Man of Steel at the box office, the film’s second-weekend drop and the highly divisive reactions began a series of course corrections that continue to affect the DCEU to this day. Zack Snyder himself had no plans for a new Superman movie, as Superman’s story will continue through Justice League 2 and would end with Justice League 3. Still, after Snyder’s departure from Justice League and the DCEU as a whole, Warner Bros. seemed to have tried to distance the franchise as much as possible from Batman v Superman, Justice League, and even the Justice League Snyder Cut. With no solid plans for where most of the Justice League characters would go next, another Superman movie never happened.

Will Henry Cavill Return As Superman In The DCEU?

It was never clear whether Henry Cavill’s absence from the DCEU was a business or creative decision. Ben Affleck’s Batman, who is also one of the pillars of the DCEU, was in a similar situation following Justice League. Curiously, even though Affleck publicly said he was done with the Batman role, he later return for Zack Snyder’s Justice League reshoots and will now appear in The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Henry Cavill, on the other hand, had expressed his wish to reprise his role as Superman – but that hasn’t happened yet.

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The biggest hope for a Henry Cavill Superman return is now Dwayne Johnson. The Rock, who produces and stars in Black Adam, has teased several times a potential Superman and Black Adam crossover. When asked if Black Adam will fight Superman in the DCEU, Dwayne Johnson said that such a fight “is the “whole point of this” (via CinemaBlend). The Rock has also said that the most important character in the DC universe has been “on the sidelines for too long” (via Jake’s Takes), which strongly suggests that a Black Adam vs. Superman fight is indeed being planned. With The Rock promising a new era for the DC films a change in the DCEU’s hierarchy of power, Henry Cavill’s Superman return is now more likely than ever.

Man Of Steel 2 Can’t Continue Snyder’s Justice League Story

While Zack Snyder’s Superman arc would sure lead to a high stake, event-film type of story, that became unachievable after everything that happened from Batman v Superman to Justice League. It has been five years since Justice League, and while the Snyder Cut was released, Warner Bros. currently has no plans of continuing the Snydervse with a Zack Snyder-directed Justice League sequel. The Apokolips invasion led by Darkseid would be deeply tied with Superman’s story, as Clark would be controlled by the Anti-Life equation following the death of Lois Lane. Zack Snyder’s Superman story was very much a Justice League story, with Superman going from a threat to the ultimate hero at the end of Justice League 3. With the Justice League sequels not happening, a Man of Steel sequel cannot continue Snyder’s Superman story.

Man Of Steel 2 Only Works If It’s A Soft Reboot

More than doing a course correction, which is something many argue the DCEU’s Superman needs while others believe he doesn’t, Man of Steel 2 needs to be a soft reboot to give Henry Cavill’s Superman a fresh start after such a trouble first decade. There has to be a new north for Superman in the DCEU, as the Darkseid Anti-Life equation storyline planned by Zack Snyder is no longer happening. Superman’s world needs to be re-established in the DCEU, which includes Superman’s supporting characters and gallery of villains. A Man of Steel 2, even if it works as a new beginning for Superman in the DCEU, would benefit from bringing back names like Amy Adam’s Lois Lane and Laurence Fishburne’s Perry White, as that would keep consistency between what has already been done and this potential new future for Superman in the DCEU. Essentially, a soft reboot in the molds of The Suicide Squad is the best route for a Man of Steel sequel. The soft reboot approach would also work for a new Justice League movie, a project that would also be welcomed following a potential Henry Cavill Superman return.