Welcoming Valentine’s Day Universal Pictures Releases Comedy-Romantic Film Titled “Marry Me”

Welcoming Valentine’s Day, Universal Pictures will soon release a romantic-comedy film, ‘Marry Me,’ on February 11. If usually a love story begins with a meeting that has been built for a long time, then the film ‘Marry Me’ will be a unique love story that is different.

Based on a Bobby Crosby novel of the same name, the novel was later released as a webcomic and adapted for the big screen by John Rogers, Tami Sagher, and Harper Dill.

The synopsis of the film ΠΑΝΤΡΈΨΟΥ ΜΕ (MARRY ME) 2022  itself will tell the story of a music superstar, Kat Valdez, who is ready to marry his partner in front of a large audience. But when she finds out that the man is having an affair, Kat feels compelled to save her pride in front of her thousands of fans.

So, with some spontaneity and a little bit of madness, Kat picks a guy at random and picks Charlie, in the crowd, to marry him. From then on, the love story of these two strangers begins in an unexpected way.

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‘Marry Me’ will star top players such as Jennifer Lopez (‘Hustlers’) who will play music star, Kat Valdez. There is also Owen Wilson (‘Wedding Crashers’) as Charlie Gilbert who is a math teacher. Latin singer-songwriter Maluma will be making his film acting debut as Bastian, Kat’s partner who is also a music star in the film ‘Marry Me.’

Meanwhile, other cast members in the film ‘Marry Me,’ such as Chloe Coleman (‘Big Little Lies,’ ‘My Spy’), Sarah Silverman, Utkarsh Ambudkar (‘Pitch Perfect’), John Bradley (‘Moonfall,’ ‘Game of Thrones’), Brady Noon (‘The Mighty Ducks: Game Changes’), and Jimmy Fallon who will appear as himself.


This romantic-comedy film is directed by director, producer and screenwriter Kat Coiro. Previously, Coiro has directed episodes of popular shows including ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ ‘Dead to Me,’ ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ and ‘Modern Family. Disney+, namely ‘She-Hulk.’


The film ‘Marry Me’ not only tells the journey of the love story of two strangers who are forced to be together, but also the story of celebrity life, marriage, and how social media regulates everything. With Jennifer Lopez bravely exploring the emotions of unseen stars and celebrities, this film is expected to provide a memorable and touching love story for film lovers out there. The film ‘Marry Me’ is rumored to be airing on February 11 in theaters around the world.

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