We have Questions on Game Squid Season 2 movie

Squid Game came into our lives as a strange and complicated mystery, one we’re enjoying obsessively poring over for every last detail.

Even as [Streaming Complet link] South Korean contemporary social horror series revealed secrets in the final episodes, they only brought about bigger questions surrounding the game’s origin, Il-nam’s relationship to the game, how the game continues to operate with impunity, and what might happen next. While there’s no indication there will be a second season of the show, here are some of the biggest questions Squid Game left hanging after nine episodes.

How does Squid Game work globally?

The fact that the in-show audience for [Streaming is international link], much like the real world one has ended up being, is an interesting quirk that begs a few questions. Why use such country-specific games that would be foreign to the very VIPs that Squid Game was created to cater to? During the last few rounds they came to South Korea and had the Front Man and his staff on hand to explain the rules and answer any questions, but the show indicates that didn’t happen for previous games. Did the VIPs have questions about what everyone was doing during the dalgona round, and why it was set at a playground?

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The VIP audience is surprisingly small, with only a handful of men. At one point while drinking and joking, one asks who brought somebody in, meaning each VIP is vouched for personally by someone who was already in the inner circle. While they’re all high rollers, it seems like an incredible expense to have so few people attending, and seemingly no one betting remotely. Heck, they don’t even seem to pay for concessions! Although maybe if everyone is as painfully rich as Oh Il-nam told Seong Gi-hun, they truly don’t care about the expense. Are these the kind of unknown millionaires and billionaires who exist away from the eye of the general public, who literally couldn’t give their money away fast enough if they tried (Sites Film Gratis link)?

How many other countries have Squid Games? Setting the game on a private island seems ideal, in that no one can escape and the game can be kept out of sight from local law enforcement. Sourcing disposable personnel and players (a deeply dystopian phrase if ever there was one) is a bigger hurdle. When hundreds of people disappear and never return, someone, somewhere, should kick up a fuss.

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It helps that the people behind the Squid Game seem to know who to target – during the first round, Gi-hun’s family assumed he was off on a gambling bender, and Sang-woo was assumed to be running from the law. Considering that, it’s surprising there weren’t more people from the typical profiles that criminals (because make no mistake, the people behind Squid Game are just that) like to target, because they know they won’t be missed or their friends and family can’t afford to make a fuss, such as sex workers and runaways.

If you’ve heard a theory about Squid Game, it’s probably this one: the color paper that people choose when playing ddakji with Gong Yoo determines whether they become workers (red) or players (blue). It’s a cool theory, but when video footage of players is shown, a few pick red.

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