Vitamin Supplements To Take You From Weakness To More Energy

If you’re feeling like “get up and get up and go” it’s time to get up and find energizing ways to make yourself feel better. One of the reasons we lack energy is because we only need proper nutrition to increase the courage of our steps. If you’re feeling unwell, here are some ideas to increase your overall health and nutritional needs:

VITAMIN B12 Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause anemia. This can lead to fatigue, lethargy, and other problems that may drain your energy. You can purchase sublingual B12 for a quick fix and add it to your overall vitamin regimen or you can eat a B12-fortified diet that includes a wide variety of breakfast cereals. Additional sources for Vitamin B12 include milk, eggs and cheese. Include Vitamin B12 in your diet and watch your energy increase in a few days! Visit your local pharmacy for a B12 supplement.

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ACAI BERRY – is a small berry that delivers a powerful punch. Oprah lists it as one of the top 10 superfoods for age-defying beauties. This berry will boost your energy and improve mental clarity as well as many other beneficial and healthful benefits! Look for products that list ACAI BERRY as an ingredient; it’s the life-changing superfood your body needs! Today there are many health drinks available on the internet that list Acai Berry as an active ingredient. Fruta Vida International and Monavie offer the more flavorful drinks on the market today.

BEE POLLEN – Considered one of nature’s “most perfect foods”, Bee Pollen fights allergy-related problems, aids digestion, and will quickly boost your energy levels! Check your local Health Food Store, Wal-Mart, or local or online pharmacy.

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VITAMIN D – If you are feeling tired, scramble eggs for breakfast and roast chicken for dinner as eggs and poultry will definitely help replenish the Vitamin D your body needs to feel energized!

YERBA MATE – Apart from gaining overnight success as an effective appetite suppressant, Yerba Mate boosts energy levels all together and makes several other claims for achieving a healthier way to live your life to the fullest! Some drinks that contain Acai Berry also contain Yerba Mate.

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In addition to the nutritional advice listed above, make sure you get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night if you’re not at your best. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake. Dietary changes may be necessary for you to experience an overall energy boost. Prepare fruit and vegetable juices and take the time to prepare healthy meals at home instead of buying something at a fast food restaurant.

When you try different food sources to increase your energy levels from a nutritional point of view, adopting a scheduled exercise routine is the other part of the equation. One of the easiest routines to implement is a fitness walking program. Walking will keep you active, increase mental alertness, improve your overall well-being and increase your energy levels!

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