Visiting Famous Tourist Destinations In China

China’s popularity as a holiday destination is booming. Not only is China a new member of the World Trade Organization and host of the 2008 Summer Olympics, the country is also projected to soon become the number one tourist destination, according to the World Tourism Organization.

City Sightseeing

This enchanting country has a lot to offer travelers. China’s capital, Beijing, is home to the mysterious Forbidden City and some of the best-preserved parts of the Great Wall of China. Xian City has one of the greatest archaeological treasures in the world, the Terra Cotta Warriors; and Shanghai boasts gleaming skyscrapers and designer boutiques adjoining the historic Old Town.

The Wonders of the Yangtze River

Although many tourists come to China to see these major sights and shop, travelers who confine themselves to the cities are missing out on one of China’s most amazing treasures – its lifeblood, the mighty Yangtze River. Flowing for 3,964 miles, the Yangtze is the world’s third longest river, carving its way through the stunning “Three Gorges” on its way to the world’s largest dam.

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By combining a road trip with a river cruise along the Yangtze, tourists can witness the misty mountains and rugged cliffs of the famous Three Gorges, the engineering marvels of the Three Gorges Dam and the turquoise waters of the Lesser Three Gorges, and catch glimpses of traditional Chinese culture, from peasant plowing. with buffalo to colorful pagodas clinging to the cliffs.

Language and Food Barriers

Many would-be travelers to China worry about the language barrier and “fried rice syndrome” – day after day of the same, poor quality food. However, with the combination of a Yangtze river cruise and major city tours of Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai in one package, cruise tours solve this problem while offering China’s best attractions. The leader in the industry, Viking River Cruises, offers four different China cruise tours for travelers.

Each one is all inclusive with intra-China air, English speaking guide who escorts travelers from airport arrival to departure and hotel stays at the best five star/city properties. The company has operational offices in Beijing and Chongqing ensuring the menu offered during tours is of high quality and variety, and regularly reviews all aspects of land tours, from hotels and restaurants to their own team of experienced guides.

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For the cruise part of Viking River Cruises China’s itinerary, tourists sail on the Viking Century Sky or Viking Century Sun, the newest and most luxurious boats on the river. Both ships have all-outside cabins, each with a private balcony. The company is unique in China in offering onboard Swiss management to oversee operations, plus Western food punctuated with Chinese menus by celebrity chef Martin Yan.

Now is the Time to Travel to Russia

For a country that encompasses an area of over 10.5 million square miles, it is no coincidence most people know very little about Russia, aside, of course, from textbook blurbs of Tsarist rule, Mongolian raids, bloody revolutions and snowy, desolate Steppes. The mere expanse of the Russian border makes the country a more versatile destination than any other place in the world. Visit the arctic zone and navigate through sub-tropical regions without ever leaving the country! A closer look and a few tips can subdue your fear and pique your interest to travel to Russia.

Western Russia: Travel to Russia’s Heart and Soul

Western Russia includes Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) and the Black and Caspian Seas, making this region the commercial and political core of the nation. Initially the capital of Russia, St. Petersburg was built by Peter the Great and is filled with both haunting and enchanting remnants of a time past. St. Petersburg is certainly the most European and best preserved city, adorned with stately architecture and regal cathedrals that echo of a romantic and prestigious era.

In the early 20th century, the capital moved away from the European border to Moscow where the Kremlin, Red Square and Lenin’s Mausoleum (where you can view his embalmed body!) stand as testaments to Russia’s rocky history. In the Southwest, Volgograd is traditionally accepted as the origin of the Russian Empire and was fortified in the 1500s to protect tsarist Russia’s southern border from Cossack and Viking pillages. With these bases covered, leave the crowds behind and head east into a land with a history all its own.

Travel Russia from Europe to Asia

There is nothing quite like seeing six thousand miles of land in a single trip. The epic journey aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway is for those who consider the journey to be just as magical as the destination. The longest continuous rail line on the planet takes you from metropolitan Moscow through vast steppes and the Siberian taiga, the largest remaining forest in the world, to finally arrive in the commercial bustle of Russia’s main Pacific port city, Vladivostok. Three alternate routes and several extensions into European and Asian nations have also been constructed and provide more options to travel Russia’s breadth.

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Many travel restrictions have been lifted since the 1990s and it is now possible to arrange overnight stays in many of the fascinating towns and breathtaking landscapes along the way. Make sure to spend a moment in the Siberian town of Ulan Ude, Russia’s main Buddhist center, and visit the Tibetan Buddhist monastery that has been restored since the oppressive rule of Stalin.

The Baikal Lake region is also a very popular stop and a perfect place to be immersed in the natural beauty of Russia’s heartland. Baikal Lake is the oldest in the world, estimated at 25-30 million years old. The lake region is home to over 2,500 animal species including a unique Siberian species of freshwater seal and thousands of migratory birds. Accessibility is the new attitude toward foreign tourism in Russia. A society that has long been closed-off, particularly to westerners, is now ready to embrace curious visitors with open arms. There has never been a better time to travel Russia!