Venom 2 Was Not Successfully Satisfying Film Critics

Despite being the top of the Box Office, Venom: Let There Be Carnage or Venom 2 seems less successful in satisfying film critics.

The film Venom: Let There Be Carnage or Venom 2 seems less successful than film critics. A number of critics compiled by the aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes gave criticism of this comic adaptation film.

One of the sharpest criticisms came from Brian Lowry as a film critic. He found Venom 2 stream a tiring film full of boring monster fight scenes.

“A grueling sequel, full of uninspiring comedy and CGI-made monster battles that seem to drag on forever,” said Lowry’s review.

Johnny Oleksinski, a critic of the New York Post, conveyed a similar criticism with a ‘sarcastic’ tone. He described the ugliness of the sequel to the Venom (2018) movie with an analogy.

“Sitting watching Venom: Let There Be Carnage, you calmly ask yourself, ‘What did I do wrong? Is God punishing me?’,” Oleksinski wrote.

Richard Lawson as the film critic of Vanity Fair gave an overall assessment. For him Venom 2 film stream is like a film with a story that is not solid and lost direction.

“Much of the film is noisy, thin, and aimless, a rushed response to the unexpected success of the first film and such. Naturally the third was promoted at the end,” Lawson’s review snippet.

Despite the criticism, Venom 2 managed to top the North American box office last week with revenues of US $ 90.1 million or equivalent to Rp. 12.8 trillion in its debut week since its release on October 1, beat Duna film online and Auf alles, was uns glücklich macht film.

As reported by Variety, Sunday (3/10) United States time, this achievement made Venom 2 break the record for the most revenue in its debut week of airing in the pandemic era. Previously, this record was held by Black Widow with revenues of US $ 80 million.

Venom 2’s revenue in its debut week was very good for a film that only aired in theaters in the midst of a pandemic. Moreover, the revenue is close to the production cost of US$110 million. Meanwhile, Eternals cely film and Karel online revenue is only half of Venom 2’s revenue.

Venom 2 película completa itself is one of the films that the audience has been waiting for this year. This Marvel comic adaptation film that is not included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has successfully attracted attention since the Venom (2018) film.

Venom is an attempt by Sony Pictures to develop a spin-off of the Spider-Man universe after the character entered the MCU. These efforts bore fruit with revenues reaching US$856.1 million from a production budget of US$116 million.

Origin of Carnage

In this film, Carnage’s origins are somewhat different from those in the comics. In the comics, Eddie Brock is in prison with Cletus Kasady on Ryker’s Island. For a time, Eddie even became a cellmate of Cletus. For a time, he was separated from Venom.

When the symbiotic Venom arrives and saves him from prison, he leaves small pieces of his body as an abandoned offspring. The piece bound to Cletus by entering his bloodstream. Carnage was born.

Venom 2 changes the origin story a bit. This helped perfect the characters Cletus and Eddie. In the movie, Eddie visits Cletus in prison because Cletus only wants to be interviewed by Eddie. Cletus plays mind games with Eddie. Eddie was annoyed but still patient.

However, Venom loses his temper and leaves Eddie scowling at Cletus in his cell. In their brief tussle, Cletus bit Eddie’s hand until he sucked his blood. Cletus immediately realized that something was wrong.

“I’ve tasted blood before and this isn’t blood,” said Cletus,

The blood he sucked contained a small amount of symbiote which then bound Cletus. The symbiote remained silent until Cletus was sent for execution. When the deadly poison enters Cletus’ bloodstream, the symbiote springs into action and takes over. He turned Cletus into Carnage for the first time.

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