Welcome to another mini movie review. I am going to try and keep this spoiler free.

I was excited for this movie. After rewatching the first one I might have had too high of hopes going into the sequel Venom. Should at this point note that my movie going experience was not ideal. It was a Friday night and the theater was pretty full. It seems that maybe people forgot that when you’re in a theater you don’t get to talk the whole time. I will try not to let that color my review too much.

High points of this movie: Venom and Eddie’s relationship, Anne partnering up with Venom 2 Online again, and that good ole Dr. Boyfriend is still here with jokes. Things I didn’t love: Way more CGI, Carnage’s lack of motivation, and lack of character development. I will add that I have never read a Carnage comic, so I did not know anything about Cletus Kasady or his lady love Frances Barrison, aka Shriek. We do get some background on Cletus and his terrible upbringing that you know, turned him into a crazy serial killer. No background at all on Frances. Nothing of interest about her really, except she sure does love Cletus and has screaming powers. Another new character is Detective Mulligan. Again we get nothing about him at all and his defining character trait is that he is a dick. How I am happy to see Mrs. Chen again and she has some pretty funny moments.

This sequel has more definitive entertainment since it doesn’t have false advertising on what it actually was. Venom (2018) was marketed as a dark and violent take on the villain; instead, it went in a different comedic direction that was very disappointing. With Serkis at the helm, the team decided to embrace its antics with a bromance touch by referencing romcoms like When Harry Met Sally (1989) with the Louis Armstrong song “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.” Eddie and Venom are now in a constant fight with each other trying to build their relationship back together. It basically has the same structure as a romantic comedy, albeit with the turmoil of comic-book catastrophes and situations.

There are still debates on whether they should have gone for a heavy R-rating for this side-franchise, so the audience would get what the total carnage of Venom 2 is all about. Serkis, Hardy, and Marcel managed to build up a scenario in which they could extend their PG-13 certificate the most they possibly could, albeit it still feels that they needed more amplitude in their raunchiness and ferocity. There is a bombardment of swear words, some insinuations to the much darker stuff, and its “gore” happens off-screen. Yet, there is a feeling that something is missing.

Since the film focuses on the comedic aspect and is self-aware, the action is now second-handed. Its primary focus is making you laugh instead of reworking its structure to build a balance between pantomime and thrills. Venom 2 pelicula online as a result, the action set-pieces are repetitive and unengaging, making the same stylistic choices as many comic-book movies. It does indeed make you laugh, I chuckled multiple times, but there is this essence of un-excitement in the film’s most significant moments, which is technically the main point of seeing the picture.

Tom Hardy’s dedication to the Venom 2 bit is evident. He really likes the character and wants to continue the franchise and expand upon it, causing him to deliver an over-the-top and absurd performance that is quite fun to watch. Although it isn’t a good performance, you still enjoy it. And the same comments are said to Woody Harrelson, who is having a fun time with his character. It was like a competition of who exaggerated its performance the most, and Harrelson won. In a way, he takes some of the traits and posture of Mickey Knox from Natural Born Killers (1994), even referencing the red car from the movie.

Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage Pelicula completa might be a step up from the previous venture; nevertheless, it still misses the mark in several facets. It does trim the fat and goes straight to the point with its 97-minute runtime, except it doesn’t deliver much of anything. As an action blockbuster, it lacks the pulsing titillations and tension of well-constructed fight scenes, and as a comedy, we don’t connect with any other character outside of our lead. If you enjoyed the original, you might as well enjoy this one.

If I had to label this movie I would call it a buddy comedy with a hint of action and many, many awkward moments between all the characters. I read in another review that they felt like they were watching tentacle porn. I would not go that far. Do I think the CGI was too much at times? Yes. Was it sometimes really creepy? Yes. Was it sexual? No…

If you are a Venom and/or Carnage fan then I think you will like this movie. You get a lot of these two getting into trouble. If you are a fan of Marvel comedy this movie delivers there too. However if you’re hoping for a new story or any cool new characters, I don’t think you got that from this movie. That being said, I would still recommend this movie to most. It is a fun time!

I do have a favorite line, that I don’t think spoils anything and it goes to Anne. “I’m never doing that again. Probably. It is really fun.”

Let me know what you all thought of Venom 2 movie online. Would love to talk about that mid credit scene! More Marvel movie reviews to come.

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