Various Celebrities And Their Sunglass Styles

Every celebrity out there knows the true value of a pair of designer sunglasses. Whether it’s to hide the effects of a late night on the town or an attempt to blend in on the street, a quality pair of sunglasses is indispensable. We’ve seen a lot of trends come and go, but good sunglasses will always outperform the passing fads of the day.

With summer coming up, we have started our search for fashion trends for 2006. As the years go by, celebrities are at the forefront of eyewear fashion. One of my favorite pastimes is to monitor the fashion trends of my favorite celebrities. Like last season, big sunglasses are a thing for the ladies. God bless you, Jackie O!

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Carmen Electra is one of my favorite celebrities, and one of the most stylish women in entertainment. While I could have done without another season of the horrible “reality” television show, I was dying to get my hands on a pair of Missoni shades that she recently saw. They are too big and so glamorous!

Catherine Zeta-Jones may love old-school actors, but her fashion sense is as fresh as a spring breeze. I recently saw her wearing out of this world Dolce & Gabbana glasses! I’m guessing they’re the pretty stunning “4005” models. They are black, with the D&G logo designed on the sleeves of the glasses. The feel is big, bold and beautiful!

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Heidi Klum, our favorite supermodel and partygirl, has a great sense of fashion. I saw a photo of him earlier this week wearing a pair of classic Aviator colors. While a number of people in the fashion industry have bemoaned the prevalence of the Aviator colors, I can’t imagine a world without them. Heidi wore a pair made by Ray Ban, and they were absolutely amazing!

Speaking of partygirls, how can I go on without mentioning Paris Hilton? I admire Paris. She may not be taken seriously as an actress or singer, but she reigns supreme in the fashion world. He was recently spotted wearing the new Oakley glasses for women. That’s right, kids. Oakley has just launched a new range of colors specifically for women, and it’s a must-have item for this fashion year. Believe the Hype!

Julie Chen On David Letterman

After Julie stated with excitement that there will be a live feed for the public to have access to all cameras set up in the Big Brother house through the REAL SuperPass Live Feed , David Replied ” Is there a lot of uhh.. people when they get together like that.. like to… uhhh.. you know,” Julie laughed and explained that the houseguests are very aware of the cameras in the house. She continued on to say that Americans are rather conservative and uptight and were the last Big Brother globally, to have any “Love” on the show. (Beginning with BB4).

Surprisingly, when David Asked if houseguests were ‘normal’ and whether or not any of them had ever got dangerously out of hand in the house, Julie replied by acknowledging that there had been several instances in Big Brother past show history where Big Brother houseguests got out of control and were asked to enter the diary room where upon entering, they were immediately escorted out of the house by security. She also stated, “I don’t know if I would say [the houseguests] are normal people?!”

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Chen also revealed that the houses on Big Brother are never actually intended to be ‘comfortable’ for the houseguests, but rather, they serve as a catalyst to create tension and drama between houseguests. She reveals this years house will do exactly that. From articles that have touched on house design, and hints from Julie Chen herself, we know the house will feature a “good” vs. “Evil” theme full of twists and surprises. The 15 foot flame wall in the living room and brick kitchen in this years house will take Julie’s desire to make the house full of discomfort to create tension to the next level.

After the announcement of the 20 candidates selected by the Big Brother producers as potentials for the All-Star house that airs this Wednesday, June 21st, viewers will have a chance to Vote in their favorites. Dave letterman follows this explanation by asking what will happen if nobody votes… Julie replies by stating that the producers will just simply pick them instead! So MAKE SURE TO VOTE AMERICA!! (and Canada!) Julie ends the interview be telling Dave that after the casting premiere she plans to take a one week vacation with her husband.

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