Update Makes Ana De Armas’ Ballerina More Exciting

Ana de Armas’ update about hiring Academy Award-winning screenwriter Emerald Fennell to write on the John Wick spinoff Ballerina is huge news. People who are excited about everything the John Wick franchise has to offer just got a thrilling update about Ana de Armas’ spinoff, Ballerina. In addition to the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 4 and the franchise’s spinoff without John Wick, titled The Continental, de Armas’ Ballerina film is the latest in the ever-expanding series. Getting Ballerina right is vital for the franchise, considering Keanu Reeves can’t be an action hero forever. Age does, in fact, come for everyone. While The Continental may be a genuine prestige television show, the future of the series just might rest upon Ballerina’s shoulders.

The project has been kicking around in pre-production since 2017, but things picked up when Ana de Armas officially signed on in 2022. Those who have seen her performances in No Time to Die and The Gray Man know she can certainly pull off an action scene or two. With de Armas being one of the hottest names in Hollywood right now, Ballerina is sure to get fast-tracked into theaters as soon as possible. As de Armas explained in a recent update, the Cuban actress has so much clout at the moment that she got to handpick a writer to work on the project.

John Wick Movie Shows How James Bond Wasted Paloma With Ana de Armas tentatively set to lead the John Wick spinoff, her Paloma character in No Time To Die now seems like wasted potential. Ana de Armas’ John Wick spinoff movie shows how much James Bond wasted De Armas’ Paloma character. De Armas’ character in No Time To Die meets Bond in Cuba to aid him on a mission, and when things go south, the two spies have to fight their way through swarms of Spectre henchmen to salvage the operation. Despite only having about ten minutes of screen time, Ana de Armas’ Paloma is a key player in what is arguably the best sequence of the entire film. Yet, despite her huge impact during this sequence, James Bond’s Paloma isn’t seen for the rest of the movie, and there is no information regarding her return in a sequel.

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De Armas to lead the John Wick spinoff, Ballerina, a female-led film about an assassin that takes place in the same world as Keanu Reeves’ titular killer. It’s no surprise to audiences who have witnessed her growing career that she should be offered the starring role in such a successful property. Her breakout role in Blade Runner 2049 led to an impressive performance as a co-star in the 2019 murder mystery Knives Out, also alongside James Bond actor Daniel Craig. The John Wick spinoff film has been in development since 2017, and de Armas has proven herself to be up for the challenge of foregrounding such a project.

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De Armas to star in what could be a major action franchise, James Bond may have missed their chance to lock down one of the most interesting characters in No Time To Die. The movie made a mistake by not giving de Armas a larger role in No Time To Die, or, at least, by not guaranteeing her return in a later film. Ana de Armas’ Paloma opens up a number of perfect opportunities for her return in a sequel, but she is also perfect for Ballerina, and it’s unlikely that a film with the potential of a John Wick spinoff would want to share their star with another major action franchise. Ana de Armas’ breakout role only came in 2017 as the semi-iconic Joi in Blade Runner 2049, but her meteoric rise in Hollywood has seen her become a highly sought-after talent for major feature films. Given that she has already established herself as a gifted actor capable of leading a star-studded cast in Knives Out, it’s no surprise that she stands out as Paloma.

De Armas found the person she wanted to collaborate with most: the Academy Award-winning screenwriter and director Emerald Fennell. De Armas explained it was essential to have a woman’s voice working on the project, and getting a talent like Fennell in the door is a coup of the highest order. Oscar-winning writers don’t work on action films all the time. And not all Oscar-winners are as exciting as Emerald Fennell.