Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg’s New Film Uncharted Banned in Vietnam

The new film, starring two popular actors, namely Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, “Uncharted” is scheduled to be released in theaters starting tomorrow, Wednesday (16/3). Even so, it turns out that the Vietnamese government has issued a ban on showing the film “Uncharted” in their country.

According to information circulating, the Tom Holland film is said to include a snippet of the Southeast Asian territorial map that China is currently fighting for. As a result, the film ” Uncharted (2022)” which was scheduled to be released in Vietnam from March 18, 2022 was officially canceled.

“The film was banned for distribution after we watched it and found that it contained illegal images of the famous nine-dash line,” said Vi Kien Thanh, head of the Film Department, quoted by the Vietnam News Agency.

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On the other hand, Sony and the production team for the film “Uncharted” have not spoken about the ban issued by the Vietnamese government. Vietnamese fans also regretted that Tom Holland’s film was canceled in theaters.

Meanwhile, “Uncharted” is not the only film that has been banned by the Vietnamese government. DreamWorks animated film “Abominable” has also been pulled from Vietnamese theaters.

Again, the same reason is the cause. The film was also sanctioned for including footage of the Asian territorial area in question.

On the other hand, Tom once revealed that filming “Uncharted” was more difficult than the film “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. The actor compared the stress of preparing for Nathan Drake’s character with the stress of Peter Parker.

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“I think while preparing for Spider-Man, I was too young and naive to understand the pressure I was under, which I think is a really good thing,” Tom told Screen Rant. “I’m older and I’m aware of the public exposure that comes with making this kind of film. So the pressure was a lot heavier when making Uncharted.”

Uncharted (2007) and its sequels established Naughty Dog as one of the leading developers of narrative-driven cinematic play. An adaptation of Uncharted has been stagnant for much of the last decade, and fans must be eagerly awaiting its arrival.


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