‘Tom Hanks’ : The Tale of a Man And His Robot

And even though Finch has been careful to avoid exposure to deadly UVA rays and 165-degree temperatures outside of his underground lab/home base, he can feel the radiation poisoning working its way through his system. This humble hero has made peace with the fact he will soon meet his maker. But then who will take care of his best friend, a scrappy terrier named Goodyear?!

Luckily, Finch has a solution. Thanks to his dogged collecting of scrap and scanning of books onto a hard drive, he’s about to create a caretaker. This tall, loping toddler of a robot — having rejected William Shakespeare and Napoleon Bonaparte as potential names, he’s eventually dubbed “Jeff;” we would have gone with Mecha-Wilson, personally, but whatever — has to be taught how to walk, to properly talk, to understand the responsibility of nurturing a living thing.

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Doctor Strange en el Multiverso de la Locura

First, however, man, dog and droid have to get out of their dystopian Dodge ASAP, as a storm predicted to last 40 days will essentially leave them imprisoned. (Feel free to tick “biblical reference” off your checklist.) So the three of them pile into a customized Winnebago, point the vehicle west toward San Francisco, and pray that Jeff can learn to be human before his actual human companion shuffles off this mortal coil.

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