To the trilogy in a rebellious mood Survive with the recipe for running away from ghosts.

It has been called the most successful horror movie franchise of the decade. with the movie universe, Phi Nak series of Five Star Productions that continues to create new sectors come out to serve continuously without falling And most recently, it’s the turn of “Pe Nak 3” , which is a return to complete the trilogy. Even though the outcome was a bit more and more emotionally revolting with every part, the movie still used the same formula for success. Of the Thai ghost movies that anyone chooses to use this set… still survive

Pee Nak 3 is the story of Od, who is preparing for the ordination ceremony soon. Today, when the auspicious time is approaching, Balloon, First and To Minjun head to the temple. to attend the ordination ceremony of Odd Instead, he found that he was seriously ill due to the curse of the bracelet’s curse. that he had accidentally dug and cause the vengeful spirit of Nak Kham from the past life has appeared to condemn him with his friends You must race against time to solve puzzles and find a way to clear this curse completely. Before it’s too late

Of course, Pee Nak 3 also comes with the same success formula. that is fixed from the first minute to the last minute To put it bluntly, the movie is almost impossible to find novelty and interesting, still repeating itself in circles with the very monotonous ghost run recipe. In a little while, it will become a typical version of the legend of the house of ghouls. But in the success formula of movies that are still used It is still considered an element that helps to promote the movie itself. And in the end, Phi Nak 3 is still a Thai ghost movie. fun to watch don’t think about it It’s a repetition that can be entertaining to a certain extent

“Mike-Pontharit Chotikritsadasophon” still returns to take on the role of this movie again as usual. And he has successfully produced his own first trilogy. But that’s it… with him specializing in directing ghost movies especially. Since the announcement of the birth to the present He almost never rips himself off to other genres of film, so it turns out that many of the perspectives and elements that he puts into this film are truly unique. It’s still looping back and forth, and it’s becoming the same success formula that’s not going to work with the movie much

If compared to the previous two movies It must be said that the Nak franchise is moving on and on. in a downhill graph Peak and fresh to be recorded in the first part, while the second part is full of satisfaction and still has a rhythm to tell a story that is enough to smell good. But in this latest installment, everything is starting to look a little contradictory. clearly The storytelling doesn’t start to be smooth. strange taste Even the editing and story sequences are still quite usable. But began to feel the elements of the grip, not detailed in the style of casual Thai movies.

Of course, Pee Nak 3 is still a horror filled with comedy. Some of the jokes still do a good job of conveying to the audience. But let me tell you that the amount has decreased significantly. But it has become a movie that is quite annoying in the untimely behavior of the characters themselves. In the end, it may be following in the same success footsteps as ‘Hor Taew Taek’, another famous Thai movie universe or not. I don’t know this one

Like “Meen Peerawit”, “Q Tae Sim”, “Pound Kunpat” and “Ta Athiwat”, most of them are original actors from the first film. come in this sector are stomping on Although seeing the effort to create dimensions for various characters But still not reaching the desired point, especially “Champion Chanathip”, who plays a heavy role as the ghost of Phi Nak in this sector, has laid the ground quite well. but instead used as an additional element who hardly gave him much weight and screen time

Among the reluctance to tell the story of this movie Running away from ghosts is still a successful formula that can be sold, but what Pee Nak 3 has clearly done is that The ambition and the courage to tear down a direction that was almost even going to the extreme. by capturing the legend of the serpent and inserting the Buddhist doctrine more tightly than the previous part It is a fairly usable element. while their serpent designs CG It is considered dignified. And another element that has to be thumbs up is that the makeup technique is still divine.

Let’s just say that, in general, Phi Nak 3 is still a Thai comedy ghost movie. that can still sell entertainment to the audience as before just the rhythm and many elements The point in this sector seems to be reluctant and there is not much that is as impressive as the previous one. The performance of the team was standard. Not good but not bad It’s still the same old formula movie. that should make the fans Feel impressed and continue to enjoy each other. If it continues in the next trilogy

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