Timothy Hutton Lawsuit Complicated

Leverage: Redemption producer Electric Entertainment is countersuing Timothy Hutton, accusing the actor of concealing the allegation made against him. Timothy Hutton’s lawsuit over his dismissal from the Leverage reboot has become more complicated after Electric Entertainment filed a countersuit. The 61-year-old actor starred as Nate Ford on the original TNT crime series Leverage between 2008 and 2012. Though initially signed on to reprise his role in the subsequent reboot, Leverage: Redemption, Hutton was promptly dropped from the series after a rape allegation surfaced against the actor in 2020.

The producer of Leverage: Redemption has launched a countersuit against Hutton. The new lawsuit comes in response to Hutton’s filing against Electric Entertainment in February, which cited a breach of contract that reportedly promised the actor $3 million regardless of whether his services were utilized. Refuting his claims, Electric Entertainment alleges that Hutton “intentionally withheld and concealed” his attempts to pay off his accuser and stop the publication of her story whilst contract negotiations were still underway. The production company states that the actor had a legal responsibility to disclose the allegations against him and that his failure to do so had placed the series’ future in jeopardy as it could not conceivably be produced with Hutton’s involvement.

Hardison Left The Team In Aldis Hodge reprises his role as Alec Hardison in Leverage: Redemption but the audience favoite hacker left the team early in the season; here’s why. Aldis Hodge reprises his role as hacker Alec Hardison in Leverage’s revival, Leverage: Redemption, but Hardison left the team early in the season–why? The revival picks up nearly a decade after the original series ended as the crew gets back together to pull a few more cons. Despite his importance to the team, Hardison only appears in the first two episodes, a surprising absence for the audience-favorite character.

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Since Leverage ended and Nate and Sophie retired, Hardison, Parker, and Eliot have been running Leverage International, expanding the team’s mission of fleecing the rich and powerful on a global scale. Sophie then comes out of retirement for Leverage: Redemption after the death of Timothy Hutton’s Nate. Parker and Eliot return to the old team with her, but Hardison finds himself indispensable to their international work. After only one con, Hardison resumes traveling around the world and his foster sister Breanna Casey steps into his shoes as the main hacker on the crew. Hardison had to be written off the show early on because of the demands of Aldis Hodge’s increasingly busy schedule. When Hodge first starred in Leverage, he was still early in his career, taking on the role at the age of 20. Since the show ended, Hodge has appeared in a string of projects and his career has only grown. On television, he starred in Underground and TURN: Washington’s Spies, while he has also had major roles in the movies Hidden Figures, One Night in Miami, and last year’s box office hit, The Invisible Man.

Leverage: Redemption, he also has a starring role as DeCourcy Ward in City on a Hill and his biggest role to date playing Justice Society of America member Carter Hall, a.k.a. Hawkman in Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming DCEU movie Black Adam which is currently filming. Hodge’s busy schedule did not allow for him to return to Leverage full-time, but Hardison may soon make another appearance. While the first eight episodes of the season were released in July, the second half of the season will release later in 2021. As Hodge was announced as a series regular in the revival, it’s likely Hardison will come back into play later in the season.

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Hutton’s accuser claims that the actor raped her as a teenager in 1983 during the filming of Iceman. Though Hutton has continued to deny the allegations strenuously, he was also removed from the Fox drama series Almost Family, which was cancelled shortly after the allegations were made. Premiering in July last year with a second season already in development, Leverage: Redemption ultimately pressed ahead despite the absence of its original star, instead placing more focus on the characters portrayed by Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf, Aleyse Shannon and Noah Wyle.