The True Heart of Marvel’s Multiverse

The Fantastic Four have finally discovered the very heart of Marvel’s multiverse, the Apex of All Reality, but just what can be done with this power? The Fantastic Four have finally discovered the heart of Marvel’s multiverse. Multiverses are all the rage nowadays, whether in the MCU or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The comics themselves, of course, have been telling multiversal stories for decades; Marvel is known for its “What If?” stories set in alternate timelines, while DC has long enjoyed telling “Elseworlds” adventures set in very different realities.

It’s long been clear there’s a secret structure to Marvel’s multiverse. The main comics timeline is consistently referred to as Earth-616; anyone who discovered the multiverse would naturally begin from their own frame of reference unless there was a structure, meaning there wouldn’t be a common numbering system. That structure has, however, remained something of a mystery; there have been hints it is provided by nexuses of reality such as the Shi’ar M’Kraan crystal or the portals guarded by the Man-Thing, but these have never really been explained. Dan Slott, Rachael Stott and Andrea DiVito’s Fantastic Four #43 finally reveals the very heart of Marvel’s multiverse. According to the Watcher, above every nexus is the Apex of All Reality. This is found on one world in the 616 universe, and the Watcher’s race dedicated themselves to protecting it, claiming the planet as their home. The Apex of All Reality is the secret of the Watchers’ power, the key to their ability to monitor every timeline in the multiverse.

Fantastic Four #43 doesn’t provide any more information about the Apex of All Reality; still, it’s reasonable to assume it serves as the core of the multiverse, a convergence point for every dimension. Thus the Watchers must have settled on this world, T-37X, in every timeline to protect it, recognizing that anyone who claims the Apex of All Reality would be able to instantly access all of time and space.

The Apex of All Reality offers an intriguing hint of the multiverse’s structure in the Marvel Comics universe, although in truth it’s one that only cosmic beings like the Watchers – or the most intelligent beings, such as Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four – can likely understand. It lies at the heart of the current “Reckoning War” arc, for the aliens known as the Reckoning – ancient enemies of the Watchers – seek to claim the power of the Apex of All Reality for themselves. Given the mysteries surrounding the Apex, it is difficult to imagine what they could achieve should they gain control of it; but the very fact the Watchers have dedicated themselves to protecting it suggests this is a power beyond comprehension. Hopefully future Fantastic Four comics will continue to explore the Apex of All Reality, revealing just what can be done at the heart of Marvel’s multiverse.

Dom & Mia Toretto Reunite in Vin Diesel’s Latest Fast 10

Jordana Brewster joins Vin Diesel in a behind-the-scenes video, giving fans a first look at the onscreen siblings together again for Fast X. In his latest filming update, Vin Diesel shares a video of his and Jordana Brewster’s reunion on the set of Fast X. Written by Justin Lin and Dan Mazeau, the upcoming sequel to F9 is currently set to be released on May 19, 2023 and will serve as the tenth main installment in the widely popular Fast & Furious series. Diesel and Brewster have played siblings Dom and Mia Toretto throughout the franchise since it first began in 2001. Though details surrounding the plot of Fast X have been kept under wraps, fans are eagerly anticipating the return of its memorable action and street racing, as well as its cast. In addition to Diesel and Brewster, Fast & Furious 10 will star Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Charlize Theron, Brie Larson, and Jason Momoa as the villain.

Diesel has been very active on social media lately, sharing numerous updates on Fast X since unveiling the official logo in April. Despite the abrupt departure of Lin as director, Diesel has maintained positivity online, recently calling Fast X “a miracle” and continuously thanking the fans for their support. He has also spoken honestly about the film and previously made headlines for revealing he rejected a script that excluded Mia. Brewster’s Mia is married to the late Paul Walker’s Brian, and Diesel attributed the close bond between Brian and Dom as being so strong because of Mia’s presence, adding that it was his daughter who fought for Brewster’s inclusion.

The Fast & Furious franchise has long been about family, and Diesel’s sweet post with his onscreen sister highlights how that sentiment stretches behind the scenes. Lin’s exit from Fast X stirred up some reports that Diesel’s behavior led to his departure, but through his posts with Brewster, Larson, and many others in between, Diesel has continued to show he has nothing but affection for those working on the film. For her part, Brewster sat out the eighth Fast & Furious movie but made a triumphant return for 2021’s F9. Her return in Fast X is welcome news, and it’s sweet to see her so happy to be back on set with Diesel. It is evident that Diesel cares a great deal about Fast & Furious, and it is easy to respect his commitment to each film. Having played Dom Toretto for over a decade, it is also nice to see how close the actor has become to his co-stars, particularly those he works closely with. His bond with Brewster is refreshing and only makes the prospect of Mia’s return more thrilling. As excitement continues to build, fans can look forward to seeing the pair together again when Fast X hits theaters next summer.

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