The Top 5 Fantasy Movies of All Time

Now, you can watch high quality television like never before, and with that in mind, DVD’s are being purchased all over to be watched on their respective tv, and many of them are much older movies being watched by an audience wanting to see what their favorite fantasy movies are like in a quality never experienced before.

As fun as it may be to go on about the power of HD, this is about the greatest fantasy movies of all time, and why they would be perfect viewing in HD. To start things off, what could be more fitting than King Kong? Debuting in 1933, it was the Jurassic Park of it’s generation, of course the DVD version leaves nothing in the hearts of King Kong fanatics! Being in HD now, one of the greatest movies and remakes of all time can only be better.

Next on the list is Jason and the Argonauts. This movie introduced so many incredible fantasy characters to the world and a lot of them are still being used today. Who could ever forget those Hydras and Harpies? They still leave chills! You can’t have a fantasy-based movie list without Lord of the Rings. This movie redefined this movie genre for the next generation. There are so many words to explain how great it was that it makes it impossible to convey. As expected, both movies listed gain an extra punch in high-definition.

Harry Potter is in the same neighborhood as Lord of the Rings in what it did to pop culture. It may not be all that historic, but it’s effects in the next few decades will always be remembered. While this next one was tough to cut out of the list, it has to get an honorable mention. Of course, that one being Star Wars. The only reason it goes off is that the movies that explained the childhood of Darth Vader just didn’t ring well with many.

Last, but not least is one of the most historic fantasy movies ever known. The Wizard of Oz is that movie that every person grew up seeing in their childhood. It doesn’t matter when you were born, if you were a child, you saw that movie, and guess what? You liked it! It didn’t have the greatest amount of action, but taking place back then, how could it? Needless to say, when watching it on your TV dvd player, the popularity still remained as great as ever. Sometimes the old and simple things can still provide the quality a fantasy audience looks for, even after many decades.

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