The Surprising Reason The Titanic Was Made

Still remember the movie Titanic. The film was released in 1997, with James Cameron directing the film. In its time, this film was very attention-grabbing, even for several years it became the highest-grossing film in history until it was surpassed by the films Avatar (2009) and Avengers: Endgame (2019). But the reason James Cameron made the movie Titanic was surprising, even tend to be unexpected.

The film Titanic itself does not seem at all to be a “perfunctory” film. Featuring several famous Hollywood actors films and various special effects films, it is only natural that the production cost of the film reaches 200 million dollars. This figure is even greater than the actual build of the Titanic. Well in an interview with PlayBoy magazine in 2009, James explained what made him desire to produce this film.

Why James Cameron Made the Titanic

James Cameron revealed that the Titanic was “A Mount Everest from a shipwreck”, and as a diver, he wanted to get the film right. Cameron also said that he made the film Titanic because he really wanted to dive in and see a shipwreck, not because he really wanted to make the film. And after learning about another crew who had dived in to shoot the Titanic, Cameron decided to make the film to finance all of his expeditions.

Ultimately, James Cameron’s obsession with shipwrecks and the Titanic not only resulted in one of the watching best films he’s ever made, but he also contributed to the advancement of underwater filmmaking. After making the film Titanic, James Cameron continued his passion, where he then went on an underwater expedition with the Deepsea Challenger and reached Challenger Depp, the deepest part of the Mariana Trench. And after spending hours exploring the ocean floor, he became the first person to complete the journey alone.

James Cameron also managed to make many big documentaries such as Ghost of the Abyss and Aliens of the Depp. At the end of 2022, we will soon see Cameron’s latest film, the sequel to the Avatar film entitled Avatar: The Way of Water. If nothing goes wrong, the film will release on December 16, and continue the adventures of Jake Sully and Neytiri. Let’s just wait, geeks for the latest films from James Cameron later.