The Story of the Beginning of Eddie Brock Becoming Venom

Eddie Brock’s beginnings as Venom For fans of Marvel comics or superhero films, it’s certainly familiar. He also appeared in the film SPIDER-MAN 3 as the enemy of Peter Parker. Now the Venom figure, who was originally an anti-hero, got his own film, you know and stars Tom Hardy along with Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed and others.

For your information, Venom 2 Carnage pichází — CELÝ ONLINE FILM ZDARMA CZ DABING, is produced by Columbia Pictures with of course still working with Marvel. The film will be distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing and is planned to be the first part of Sony’s Marvel Universe.

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Before wondering about what other characters will appear in Sony’s Marvel Universe, we’d better watch VENOM first. And here is the synopsis.

1. Eddie Brock A Curious Journalist

The story begins when Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), becomes suspicious of scientific research conducted by the Life Foundations led by Dr. Carlton Drake (Riza Ahmed), a genius scientist but known to be evil. Eddie himself is a journalist whose career is on the brink.

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Eddie also conducted various investigations about the science researched by the Life Foundations. What was done by the journalist angered Dr. Carlton who had various ways to hide things in his foundation. So it’s not surprising that Eddie’s efforts to uncover irregularities at Life Foundations always fail.

2. Eddie Becomes Venom Accidentally

One day, Eddie discovers something Dr Carlton is hiding. That something was a symbiote, an organic from another world that was one of the Life Foundation’s experimental materials. The symbiote is a kind of parasite that will stick to the body it infests.

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The symbiote named Venom was fused with Eddie’s body. The symbiote gave him tremendous power and made him superhuman. But unfortunately there is a weakness, Venom makes him emotionally unstable.

Venom made Eddie feel like he was always angry, dark, but very addicting. Eddie aka Venom then tries to control his new, very dangerous ability.

Did he do it? What will Eddie do with his Venom powers? What will Dr Carlton do anyway? find them all by watching the movie.

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