The Punisher for Animals Returns New Kickstarter and New Villains

Calico, the Punisher-esque vigilante who will do whatever it takes to stick up for animals, returns with a new Kickstarter campaign, as well as some new villains. After a successful crowd-funding campaign for issue four of Here Comes Calico, New York-based Sigma Comics is gearing for up issue five, which promises to be the biggest issue yet. This story will see the anti-hero who defends animals face terrifying new villains such as the Jiggler and the Kingsman. Among the many anti-heroes who grace superhero comics, such as the Punisher, Venom or Moon Knight, Calico is unique. Created by Sigma Comics publisher HH German, Calico dispenses brutal justice to those who would abuse and otherwise harm animals. Like many independent publishers, Sigma Comics is using crowd-funding platforms to help fund production and distribution costs. After starting with the popular IndieGoGo platform, Sigma Comics switched to Kickstarter; earlier this year Sigma launched a campaign for issue four of Calico’s book, Here Comes Calico. The campaign was a success, bringing in new fans intrigued by the idea of a violent anti-hero who defends animals. Now, Sigma is taking Calico to the next level, launching a Kickstarter to bring issue five to the masses. And when Calico returns, he will be facing some truly vile villains.

Sigma Comics will launch its Kickstarter campaign on May 17 for issue five of Here Comes Calico, which will be written by Sigma Publisher/Founder HH German and illustrated by new series artist Renato Pinto, who German praised for not only his dynamic style, but work ethic as well. In pursuit of his mission of justice for animals, Calico will fight new villains, including the Kingsman, whom German describes as having an “appetite for nefarious and illegal activities.” Calico will also have to contend with another new villain, the Jiggler, whom German compares to Harley Quinn. Sigma has big plans for Here Comes Calico. The current series is scheduled to run eight issues, with a collected edition to follow; Sigma then plans to launch a second volume down the line, one that will be an ongoing series.

Sigma Comics’ previous Kickstarter campaign was a success, helping boost Calico’s visibility among fans searching for a different kind of hero. While anti-heroes are plentiful in superhero comics, none of them have devoted themselves to exclusively defending animals. This concept is part of Sigma Comics’ greater mission to spread awareness of animal abuse and neglect, a tragic aspect of the modern world. Stories of cruelty towards animals, such as dog fighting and hoarding situations, are numerous. In superhero comics, humans have plenty of champions to stand up for them, but animals have none. Here Comes Calico and its titular protagonist are changing that, giving hope to animals and the people who love them.

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