The Man From Toronto Toronto man pairs well in an action-packed formula.

It’s time to queue for another movie that is suitable for the success of this year’s summer movie formula. There is nothing more suitable than an action comedy. A random companion mission, and this is “The Man From Toronto,” a movie with a simple plot that pits an arrogant guy against a ruthless killer. Listening to this, I already know that…it will be entertaining and blissful at the same time.

The Man From Toronto is a story of misidentification. Which turned into a great chaos after Teddy consulted the sales department. who has just failed his career with Randy, the world’s deadliest assassin known as The ‘Man from Toronto’ meets in an accomodation while he and his wife are on vacation. And everything turned out to be more messy and messy than I thought.

And this is the latest work from director Patrick Hughes from both the Hitman’s Bodyguard series. Of course, just knowing this, you should be able to think of the atmosphere of this movie a bit, right? y? And yes…because the movie comes with the same formula that he used from the previous movie. The components are similar. Just from bodyguards and shooters. Become a young cell with a brutal killer.

The Man From Toronto is an entertaining movie with a unique formula. Since the first scene in the movie I can hardly find anything new from this movie. The script is quite monotonous and can fit the same formula of the movie duo that we’ve seen in other movies, and the production techniques are a bit fuzzy. The film’s CG work was almost dire. Obviously, it’s probably an urgent job, not a rush job at all.

However, The Man From Toronto turned out to be an entertainment that satisfies the audience’s needs. Because a team of talented actors help drive the story and drop some funny jokes..not funny throughout the whole story. Of course, this isn’t a new chapter to Kevin Hart. We’ve seen him in a number of movies like this, it’s a drinking repetition, but his sense of humor and acting charm is just that. It is also a feature that helps to dominate this movie.

While “Woody Harrelson” at this role may not be a good role for him, but once in a while we’ll see him play a lighthearted role. His character is the perfect addition to the film. On the other side is a joker calling for a voice. and he came in to represent the austerity and ferocity. When both orbits meet in this movie It became a component of a pair that is quite perfect.

Although the story centers on just the two main characters, there are some interesting and surprising supporting characters along the way: “Kaley Cuoco”, “Pearson”. Fod”, “Ellen Barkin” or “Tomohisa Yamashita (Yamapi)” who came together to create color and harmonize the film, entertained for almost 2 hours of the movie. this matter

Overall, The Man From Toronto is a hilarious action comedy. The leather may not have anything flashy and spectacular, but because the formula has been put into it, the leather can still rub off. With the professionalism of the actors in particular, at least a movie can keep us entertained. It still makes me laugh even if I use Hotmail email parody jokes.

The chemistry between Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson has worked out quite well. The chapter was originally by Jason Statham, but due to the impact of the coronavirus plans. This made him decide to withdraw at the last minute. and got Woody to play the role It is considered a pair of actors that are quite perfect. And it’s the use of professionals to create nonsense comedy movies that are entertaining and enjoyable.

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