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Happy new year everyone! I hope 2019 proves to be your year. It’s been a while since I made a post on this account, so I figured I would give an update on what’s been going on. The latter half of 2018 was a wild time for me. Not only were there personal life changes that demanded most of my attention, but I was also writing a lot of content on my spare time. I never stopped writing reviews, but they have a new home now.

I’ve been part of a Facebook community for a while called Geeks and Gamers. I knew they had a website where they put up reviews and movie news, but for a while it didn’t seem like much was going on there. As 2018 went on their youtube channel took off, they got a whole bunch of new subscribers, and really started to focus on expanding the Geeks and Gamers brand. Eventually, they put the word out that they were looking for writers to produce content for the site. They’re still growing so they couldn’t pay me, but it would be a chance to get my work to a new audience. I applied for the position using some of the reviews I wrote on this blog as samples. It took a few weeks until the editor for the website got back to me, but when he did he said I got the job.

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Getting the position was a big motivator for me. I found that the motivation I had to write was slowly dwindling away. Being introduced to the team and understanding how ambitious the Geeks and Gamers brand was attempting to be got me excited. From there I put all of my writing effort into the website. I know for sure some of my best work is there and I can tell that i’m still improving. I would really appreciate it if you guys could check out the website. If you see any articles by Jorge Luque then you’re looking at something I wrote. I recently wrote an article ranking the superhero movies of 2018 that you can check out here.

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At this point i’m not sure what I plan to do with this blog. My Movie Reality is my creation and I love it. It’s just hard to dedicate time to both Geeks and Gamers and My Movie Reality consistently. The chances of me writing full blown reviews on here anymore are slim to none, but I have some ideas for other types of content. This was originally made so I could get my thoughts out there and I still plan on doing that. Just expect the posts be a bit more sporadic in 2019.

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I’ll end this by just saying thanks to everyone. If you read any of the reviews I wrote here in 2018 I really appreciated it. It’s still weird to me that people read my writing and that for the most part they enjoy it. When I started writing here I did it for myself and didn’t care if anyone was reading. Now I look forward to the feedback and the discussions. You’ll definitely be hearing from me soon.

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Once again I would really appreciate if you checked out the Geeks and Gamers website. There’s a lot of great content from a bunch of talented writers.

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