The Indonesian Doctors Association Ready to Support Government to Restore World Health

The Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) is ready to support the government and cooperate with various lines in the restoration of world health. The commitment was conveyed during the 75th World Health Assembly which took place at the Palais de Nations, Geneva, Switzerland from 22-28 May 2022.

The Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Budi Gunadi Sadikin and the General Chair of PB IDI Moh. Adib Khumaidi was invited to attend the event along with other Indonesian delegates from the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

This year, the 75th WHA takes the theme “Health for Peace, Peace for Health” which focuses on strengthening preparedness and response to health emergencies. The WHA75 meeting is the first face-to-face meeting since the Covid-19 pandemic. 19.

“Representing PB IDI, we convey our support to WHO and the Indonesian Ministry of Health in the strategy of restoring services and health systems globally. As the only medical professional organization recognized by law, IDI is always ready to be a strategic partner for the Indonesian government and the world in the advancement of health services in Indonesia as well as assisting cooperation in creating a healthier world. All of the priorities and future focus of WHO are in line with the direction and strategy of the PB IDI program going forward,” said Adib Khumaidi.

The bilateral meeting also discussed strengthening health human resources including doctors through various trainings, strengthening primary health care that supports Universal Health Coverage and exploring international cooperation with Indonesian doctors in the context of the transfer of knowledge and technology.

IDI also realizes that an appropriate approach is needed in providing an understanding of promotive and preventive efforts through IDI’s member doctors. In addition, IDI will also use health technology to provide education and make it easier for the public to get education regarding promotive and preventive efforts.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin conveyed the ASEAN agreement at the 75th World Health Assembly (WHA75) in Geneva on 21-23 May 2022, which was the result of the 15th ASEAN Health Ministerial Meeting (AHMM) in Bali on 14 -15 May 2022 ago.

The agreements include the ASEAN Universal Verification Mechanism agreement for Covid-19 certificates, the expansion of the ASEAN Covid-19 Response Fund and the ASEAN Regional Reserve for Medical Supplies, the establishment and operation of the ASEAN Center for Public Health Emergencies and Emerging Diseases, optimization of regional big data analysis and platforms. sharing global genome sequencing data, implementing ASEAN Health protocols, strengthening access to Vaccines, Therapies and Diagnostics (VTD) and other critical medical supplies and pursuing implementation of the ASEAN Post-2015 Health Development Agenda.

“Indonesia conveys ASEAN’s efforts to be ready and responsive in dealing with health problems, both in peaceful situations and in health emergencies. This is in line with the theme of WHA 75: Health for Peace, Peace for Health,” said the Minister of Health.

To achieve this, said the Minister of Health, ASEAN seeks to establish coordination and strategic partnerships at the regional, international and other global actors such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the G-20, in order to build an ASEAN Community towards a ‘healthy, caring and caring society’. sustainable’.

In general, the 75th WHA discusses global strategies on food safety, oral health, and tuberculosis research and innovation. In addition, other topics discussed include: strengthening WHO’s preparedness and response to health emergencies; the 2023–2030 implementation roadmap for the global action plan for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases; the Global Intersectoral Action Plan on epilepsy and other neurological disorders 2022-2031; Prevention of sexual exploitation, harassment and abuse; Polio Disease; and the Global Health Initiative for Peace.

On the sidelines of the WHA meeting, the Minister of Health accompanied by the Director of Disease Prevention and Control of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Maxi Rein Rondonuwu and the General Chair of PB IDI Adib Khumaidi held a series of bilateral meetings with the WHO Director General, WHO Regional Director for Southeast Asia, and the G-20 Health Ministers. and other friendly countries, namely the Minister of Health of Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Brazil, India, Britain, Germany, Turkey, Australia, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Cuba, and Sweden.

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