The Importance of Crib Safety Better Safe Than Regret

This is a sad fact but one we have to address, not all cribs are safe. A crib is supposed to keep your baby safe while sleeping, but did you know that when a crib is poorly constructed or not assembled properly it can be a serious hazard to your child? No matter how expensive the crib is, parents should be careful when choosing a crib for the nursery, and should follow the instructions on the letter.

One of the biggest mistakes that some people make is that they “assume” that all cribs are safe, but whether you are using a new crib you just bought a few months ago from a reputable store or recycling the crib you used for your kids. The older you, or the former from a garage sale, it’s important that you inspect the cribs carefully for possible dangers as they may be hiding in places you don’t even think are dangerous! Here are some tips that can help keep your child safe in the crib.

Closed check

When buying a crib or when going to use it, make sure everything is installed properly and there are no broken or bent parts. Sharp edges, missing joints, and small removable parts in the crib can also be dangerous as they pose a choking hazard.

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Side edges and bumps can also be a choking hazard as blankets, necklaces, and shirts can get caught. Never buy or use a crib that has these drawbacks.

Follow the instructions

Never believe that for one minute you know everything about cribs just because you’ve used them before. And no matter how much knowledge you think you have, you should still read the manual and the instruction manual.

Apart from providing a step-by-step guide on how to install a crib out of a box, this manual also contains some tips on how to properly care for your crib and avoid accidents when using it.

Non-toxic finish

The crib finish should be made with non-toxic materials that are recommended for small children. Since a baby’s body system, especially the immune system is still developing, it is important to protect them from chemicals and toxins in the environment.

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When buying a used crib, make sure it has a good finish and doesn’t peel or peel off, also if it looks like it’s been finished you might want to look for a different crib as it’s impossible to know for sure whether the crib has been finished or not. with non-toxic materials that are safe for children.

side drop

While the dropside mechanism in a crib can be very convenient, it can also be disastrous if it doesn’t work properly or the latch isn’t secure. Make sure that when you place your baby in the cradle, you have lifted the fall side and the latch is securely in place. Some parents may remember to lift it but forget to secure it, which can lead to an accident.

Keep the baby’s bed tidy

Remember that the more items in the crib, the greater the chance of an accident, I’m sure you’re generally aware that anything can be a potential choking and choking hazard. To help avoid this, keep cribs to a minimum, only placing absolutely necessary items such as pillows and blankets.

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Toys in the crib are fine if your baby is up and playing under supervision, but always remember to take them off while sleeping. Parents are also advised to avoid placing toys dangling on the sides of the crib as loose straps can catch your baby and pose a choking hazard.

Check alerts and callbacks

The Consumer Product Safety Commission lists safety tips, warnings, and callback warnings on cribs on their website at and should be followed.