The Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery You Should Know

Everyone wants to be very beautiful and in order to achieve that one finds to make up for all those flaws. Cosmetic surgery is one sure way to achieve perfect beauty, but one must be open to the results and dangers of such surgery. One should find a good surgeon who will perform the operation to avoid complications.

A hematoma is one, it occurs when blood collects under the skin, initially it looks like a large black and blue mark. Nerve injuries are rare but can occur on the forehead or cheek, leaving the face flabby and expressionless on one side.

The patient may vomit and be at risk for pulmonary congestion, or fluctuating blood pressure may cause ongoing bleeding. Many people suffer from depression after surgery, in part because of the long-term effects of the anesthetics and painkillers they are taking.

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Implanting a highly purified form of soluble collagen right under the skin promises to transform all known collagen implants, the new system originally stems from a quest conducted at Stanford University, where scientists developed a new way to process bovine collagen into an odorless whitish substance. . with the consistency of a soft paste. Silicone is another substance, which can be injected into fine lines to smooth them out.

The modern, high-tech version of exfoliation involves the use of chemicals such as salicylic acid, resorcin, and the well-known phenol and trichloroacetic acid (TCA). They are designed to remove fine lines on the face and they work best on fair-skinned and thin-skinned people with fine wrinkles.

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TCA can be used only for light peeling, removing the outermost part of the epidermis. It is very helpful for removing uneven pigmentation when used in very light concentrations, but does little to change the long term appearance of wrinkles.

Similar to exfoliation, dermabrasion can go beyond that as it affects not only fine wrinkles but deeper acne scars and sunspots as well. It can be used to treat frown lines, smile lines, vertical wrinkles, naso-labial lines and fine lines around the mouth. Dermabrasion is often used after chemical peels on areas of the face that require further treatment.

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Port wine stains, strawberry birthmarks and other disfiguring blemishes caused by abnormal concentrations of capillaries beneath the skin’s surface were once a matter of concealment alone. The argon laser- a finely focused heat beam capable of burning tissue at incredible speeds and with incredible precision can treat many of these defects easily, painlessly and in the doctor’s office.

Helium-neon lasers are used cosmetically to improve the appearance of aging skin. It is not as dangerous as hot lasers and tends to be applied to specific points on the face many of which correspond to acupuncture points. This non-surgical lift consists of emitting these points with a laser beam then directing them along the facial line on the forehead, around the eyes, facial line and mouth.