The Conjuring 3 Ending & Demon Origin

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It expands the franchise by introducing a new antagonist. We break down the villain, her plans & the true story. Here’s The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’s ending and demon origin explained. Making sequels is a grueling task because the expectations are high and, for an already successful horror franchise like The Conjuring universe, the pressure is even more immense. The Warrens return to investigate David Glatzel’s possession and find a curse and an occultist behind the boy’s strange behavior. This Conjuring villain is different from previous cases, that’s for sure. While all of The Conjuring movies are based on the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It employs the real-life murder trial of Arne Johnson, who killed his landlord and claimed a defense of demonic possession in 1981. Johnson’s case is one of two the Warrens investigate, both of which are connected back to The Occultist, who is only human, and her chaotic plans, which makes her a terrifying and somewhat unpredictable antagonist.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It delivered a major climatic sequence that saw the Warrens face off with The Occultist. Here’s everything to know about the ending, her plans for the victims, and how the film’s take on Arne Johnson’s case compares to the true story.

Conjuring 3 Villain (& Her Plan) Explained, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is unique from its predecessors in that it moves away from the haunted house concept completely. Rather, the sequel turns its focus to a singular villain, an occultist named Isla, the daughter of Father Kastner. While Ed and Lorraine initially believed David and Arne to be possessed by a demon, they discover that Isla actually cursed them by putting a witch’s totem beneath the Glatzel’s house. What the Warrens ultimately discover is that she actually needed three people — the child (Jessica), the lover (Arne), and the man of God, which explains why she went after Ed, who attempted to kill Lorraine while under the curse — to commit murders before they die by suicide.

Isla needed to claim the victims’ lives because she had made a deal with a demon and she had to deliver on her end of the bargain; her soul literally depended on it. The Occultist had already been successful with one of the three with Jessica, who had taken the totem back with her from college. Killing her friend Kate before throwing herself off the cliff did the trick before Isla moved on to the next person. The Occultist went after the three because of proximity, not necessarily because she herself had any strong connections with them. All she really wanted was to cause chaos. However, the Warrens were able to destroy the altar and break the curse before Isla finished what she started. Conjuring 3’S Demon Is Different From Other Franchise Monsters, The Conjuring and the other films that followed, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It didn’t deal with evil spirits possessing dolls, people, or traditional hauntings. While demons have existed in the franchise, The Conjuring 3 changes things up a bit by foregoing the usual kind of possession, which is to say it’s not a possession at all. While Isla made a demon deal, her obsession with the occult is what drove her actions. Arne, Jessica, David, and Ed are cursed and it makes for a unique change because Isla is the one controlling them all behind the scenes.

The Conjuring 3 Compares To The True Story, The film draws a lot from the real-life case files of the Warrens, as well as from the murder trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson. David’s exorcism plays out, at least according to the Warrens’ recollection, similarly as is depicted in the film. Johnson still stabs his landlord, with claims he can’t remember what happened, and the Warrens are there throughout, engaging with the Glatzels, Johnson, and the police. His not guilty plea with a defense of demonic possession is accurate, as is Johnson’s relationship with Debbie and their living arrangements — first at the Glatzel home where David was presumably possessed and then at the property where Debbie and Arne lived together afterward.

A truly crucial element behind the possibility of another sequel would be Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga returning as Ed and Lorraine Warren. After all, the actors can’t simply be replaced now that they have become the faces of the ultra-popular horror franchise. Luckily, as of April 2021, Dread Central (via Empire) quoted Wilson and Farmiga enthusiastically saying they would be interested in returning as the iconic, paranormal-investigating couple. The stage is certainly set for another movie in the Conjuring series if all goes smoothly with the hypothetical film’s production. Only time will tell if it happens. But in the meantime, those who were drawn to the Conjuring franchise via The Devil Made Me Do It will be able to tide themselves over with other forthcoming movies set in the series’ universe like The Nun 2 and The Crooked Man.