The Black Phone. Haunting type. Hide the soul.haunting again in the same way. But it’s fun.

It’s time for the latest thriller from Hollywood to be heard to be quite beautiful and satisfying critics. It’s “The Black Phone. Thriller with setting the scene out to look vintage that is not lightly interesting With the puzzle of ringing from an old black phone, how terrifying is it?

The Black Phone, a haunted line, tells the story of Finney Shaw, a shy but intelligent 13-year-old boy who is kidnapped by a dark bastard and locked in a soundproof cellar. where screaming is useless Just when the wireless phone stuck in the wall started to ring. Finney discovers that he can hear the voices of its previous victims, and the victims are determined to make sure what happened to them didn’t happen to Finney.

And this was Scott Derrickson’s directing and screenwriting work, a piece he decided to create instead of directing a sequel to Doctor Strange for Marvel. The film takes the plot from the short story of “Joe Hill” to expand it into a thrilling thriller. Set against the backdrop of a 1970s society, with a sleepy and haunting atmosphere all at the same time, even if the grandchildren elements like this movie are too repetitive. But instead, there is a gimmick that makes it fun to finish watching.

The Black Phone’s narrative has its good and bad points mixed in along the way. because in the core of a thriller Movies can create atmosphere and pressure through the characters to the audience as well. But still forget to tell many more parts that should be filled a little more As for the social and family core that seems to pave the way, it’s quite adequate. But it turns out that the movie still doesn’t take the audience to the point in any way at all. like being left in the middle of the road many times

but then The tone and rhythm of The Black Phone has not lost its form. Because the movie is still quite fun to tell stories. Based on a formula that I’ve seen before, the early stages of the story might be a bit stretchy with sleep-deprived monotony. But once the movie has found its way and has gotten to the point that is the essence of the story It is considered to flow smoothly and go fluently along the way. until the climax at the end of the movie where the audience will have to slap their knees to the satisfaction

Although The Black Phone can only provide details and explain the same as the characters, the characters are only superficial. Whether it’s a lead character like Finney or a traction hand who is the villain of this movie. All the characters didn’t pay much attention to making it clear to the audience. The audience hardly knew and was familiar with them at all. But if you look at another angle Like the creator did not want us to infiltrate to that extent. If you look at it from the perspective of the victim and the perpetrator who do not want to reveal much.

And this is the first big movie show of “Mason Thames”. In addition to various figures in his appearance, he is quite handsome and sharp. This young man’s performance was considered to be very calm. but seriously with emotion through gestures as well Seeing it can also be used to refine and develop a long future.

But another person who should be equally applauded is Madeleine McGraw, who may have had more acting experience. and became another outstanding character The way that the audience can’t take their eyes off her The expression is so intense and intense that it is unbelievable that this is the acting power of a child star. Give it to the little boy who was crowned the MVP of this movie.

While “Ethan Hawk” is a psychopath like a pro. Getting a professional to catch this chapter doesn’t have to be a lot. Requires only a few skills, but a lot. But it came out as terrifying and powerful. Although his role is full of dimensions that are no less interesting. But there is almost no light channel. But every time it emerges It’s truly terrifying.

Conclude that the overall picture The Black Phone can be classified as a thriller. with the atmosphere of the 70s that can be conveyed with fun and quite complete Although many of the elements of the film are nothing new. But the narrative that is well-matched between likes and dislikes. with bringing us to enjoy unconsciously Not quite like a ghost movie But it does not mean that it will not haunt at all. The tone probably reminds us of movies based on the “Stephen King” writings and something like that. It might feel repetitive, but it’s actually fun.

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