The best Netflix movies to watch this Christmas

The Christmas season is here and as we get ready for the big day we may turn to streaming services to get our festive fix.

Netflix has some cracking movies on its Christmas watch list, some of which encapsulate the Christmas genre perfectly.

From The Princess Switch to The Holiday, Netflix have an incredible roster of films under their belt and there’s something for the whole family to choose from.

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Top 15 Christmas movies and shows on Netflix right now
The Christmas Chronicles
This Netflix original features a wisecrack Santa Claus who helps a brother and sister rediscover the magic of Christmas after their father dies. A truly heartwarming film able to be enjoyed by all.

The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens stars in this romantic comedy and plays both a duchess and a baker as they both fall for each other’s significant others.

Spider-Man : No Way Home film complet

Critically acclaimed 2D animated family comedy centres on a postman who joins Santa on Christmas Eve.

Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas
A variety special by the Queen of Christmas as she and a few famous celebrity faces participate in a reading of The Night Before Christmas.

Holiday Rush
Holiday Rush centres on a widowed DJ and his four kids as they go through a holiday financial crisis and champions diversity.

Single All the Way
Netflix’s exclusive high-profile rom-com about gay best friends who discover feelings over the holiday season, as one poses as the other’s boyfriend.

The Holiday

Yes – this Christmas classic is available on Netflix! Watch the star-studded cast in this beautiful story.

The App That Stole Christmas
This feel-good family comedy is about a Christmas shopping app that threatens to ruin the Christmas spirit. Very 2021!

A Boy Called Christmas
This fantasy Christmas film has received considerable acclaim; critics praise it for its strong performances, creative visuals, and a story with a little more depth than a lot of Christmas comfort films.

Shaun the Sheep the Flight Before Christmas

Shaun and his mates are always getting into mischief — this instalment is no different as we see furry friends find ways to get in trouble unintentionally.

A Castle for Christmas
A best selling author travels to Scotland where she falls in love with a castle for a bitter Duke foils her plans.

Christmas Break-In
Danny Glover and Denise Richards star in a family-friendly comedy about a spirited young girl who takes on a trio of robbers holding the school janitor hostage as a snowstorm rages.

Dreamworks Holiday Classics
If you’re looking to entertain younger audiences these short films featuring characters from Shrek, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon are sure to do the trick.

A Storybots Christmas
A Storybots Christmas was nominated for six Emmys and won two so its definitely worth the watch.

5 Movies to Watch During the 2021 Christmas Holidays

‘Tis the season…for a truly unruly amount of new holiday movies.

If you’re someone who starts pulling out the Christmas tree lights as soon as the temperature dip below 60 degrees, then you’re about to have a great six weeks. This year will see a record 146 new Christmas movies air before Santa even parks his sleigh on our roofs, and that alone is reason to celebrate the spirit of the season.

Now, if you multiply 146 movies by the average, 90-minute runtime of a holiday flick, that means we’re looking at a total 219 hours of movie time premiering this year—a little over nine days, straight through—making it not impossible but highly improbable that most of us will be able to catch every single one, at least if we’re trying to view them before Christmas. Will my household try to do it anyway? Almost certainly. We’re popping some corn as we speak. But to make it a little easier, I’ve pulled out the 12 new Christmas movies I’m most excited to watch this holiday season.

On the first day of Christmas, my true loves (Netflix, Hallmark, Lifetime) gave to me…

You, Me and the Christmas Trees

This one premiered in October, because you know Hallmark’s got the right idea (the idea being that Christmas technically starts before Halloween). Danica McKellar from The Wonder Years (fun fact: Did you know she discovered a mathematical theorem that is now named after her?) stars as a tree scientist who specializes in evergreens and is tasked with saving a generational family Christmas tree farm from a mysterious disease that is threatening to ruin Christmas/their livelihoods. Will there be love, ideally with a rugged-but-traditional Christmas tree farmer who reminds her about the spirit of giving? I sure hope so!

Premiere date: October 22.

Christmas in Harmony

Before you ask about the title: Yes, this is a Christmas movie about a choir. But don’t worry, because Harmony is also the name of the main character. Specifically, person-named-Harmony is chided into auditioning for a Christmas choir that turns out to be directed by her ex-boyfriend. I predict that there will be many meanings of “harmony” by the time this one is done. And Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child is in it! How harmonious.

Premiere date: October 29.

The writing in this movie is refreshingly quippy for the genre, plus it has your new favorite male rom-com protagonist, Jimmy O. Yang. Love Hard follows Natalie (played by Nina Dobrev), who chronicles her crappy online dating life in L.A. for a website, but who thinks she’s broken the unlucky streak by matching with total Tinder smokeshow Josh. But when she flies to New York to surprise him, turns out she was being catfished by the childhood friend of the guy in the profile photos. He agrees to set Natalie up with Photo Man—a dude realistically named Tag—if she agrees to pretend to be Josh’s girlfriend in front of his family. I think you can guess what happens next, but it’s truly a delight to watch it unfold. Bonus: Dream boyfriend and spectacular ab-haver Harry Shum Jr. also stars.

Premiere date: November 5

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

The first two installments of The Princess Switch franchise followed Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy the Princess of Belgravia, Vanessa Hudgens as Margaret the Queen of Montenaro, and Vanessa Hudgens as Lady Fiona Pembroke as they get into various Christmas doppelgänger hijinks. The Princess Switch 3, however, completely diverts this narrative by having no look alikes at all, just one lone Vanessa Hudgens taking on Christmas-related romps all by herself.

Just kidding, it’s doppelgänger stuff again, this time involving a handsome thief. Vanessa Hudgens is the hardest working woman in Christmas movies.

Premiere date: November 18.

Single All the Way

Queer Christmas movies can be really hit-or-miss, especially when, even in the 2020s, so many of them insist on being ultimately about how straight people can overcome their own homophobia. It just feels like a retro idea to keep harping on, when there are so many other great stories yet to be told about LGBTQ holiday hijinks. That’s what makes this one seem so fun: It’s about a guy whose family is always bummed about him being single at Christmas, so he brings his best friend home to pretend he’s actually his boyfriend. The family isn’t fooled, but surprise! His mom (Kathy Najimy) set him up on a blind date with a super hot guy! Nevertheless, sparks do end up flying for the first time between him and his best friend, and a sweet Christmas love triangle is formed. And as a special gift to viewers, Jennifer Coolidge is there doing literally whatever she likes.

Premiere date: December 2.

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