The beauty of Jennie BLACK PINK in the teaser photo of their new single, entitled “Pink Venom”

The beauty of Jennie BLACK PINK in the teaser photo of their new single, entitled “Pink Venom”

BLACK PINK has revealed a new teaser photo for the pre-release single “Pink Venom”. In addition to showing the visuals of the four members, YG Entertainment also released the credits for the song. The first time the BLACKPINK members were seen in costumes for the “Pink Venom” concept, Jennie’s appearance quickly became the highlight. Never before appeared in a feminine yet bold costume, this group was flooded with praise from netizens.

Jennie has shaken netizens by wearing a bra top with the smallest size. Once again Jennie conquered the trendy underboob style that exudes a chic yet sexy aura. So that the owner of the name Jennie Kim received a hot reaction for the prominent fashion. In the first concept of “Pink Venom”, Jennie wore Mugler’s Illusion Bodysuit. The bodysuit with mesh accents around the shoulders, stomach, and arms only covers certain parts such as the chest, neck and part of the arms.

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Jennie’s visuals quickly caught the attention of netizens on social media. Some fans hope that Jennie will show her stunning rap skills on her latest album. In addition, the beauty of Jennie, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa is also constantly praised. “Seriously, how did they gather all these people?” said one netizen. “They look like pictures,” added another netizen.

“The combination of 4 BP members is extraordinary,” said another. Meanwhile, YG Entertainment mentioned “Pink Venom” expressing BLACKPINK’s unique charm in a deeper and intense way. Released before “BORN PINK”, the song can be heard on August 19.


BLACKPINK Successfully Moves SNSD-Twice on the Brand Reputation List after Announcing Comeback


Recently the Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for girl groups. The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes of various girl groups, using big data collected from July 14 to August 14.

From the results of the data collection and survey conducted, BLACK PINK topped the list for the third month in a row with a brand reputation index of 6,372,130, marking a 103.34 percent increase in score since July. High ranking phrases in BLACKPINK’s keyword analysis included “world tour”, “YouTube” and “teaser”.

While the highest-ranking related terms included “revealing”, “making a comeback” and “release” with the group’s positivity-negativity analysis revealing a score of 85.08 percent positive reactions. BLACKPINK itself is known to be preparing for a comeback after almost 2 years by releasing “Born Pink”.

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Then there is the legendary girl group, which also recently made a comeback after a long time. Girls’ Generation managed to climb to second place with a brand reputation index of 4,693,611, marking an increase in their score of 84.01 percent since last month. SNSD released their seventh Korean studio album “Forever 1” digitally on August 5 and physically on August 8. YoonA and friends will also hold the “2022 Girls’ Generation Special Event – Long Lasting Love” at KSPO DOME (Gymnastics Stadium) in Seoul Olympic Park at 7 pm and on September 3 by online streaming via Beyond LIVE.

Next up was Twice, who rose to third place for the month with a brand reputation index of 3,355,608, marking a 23.83 percent increase in their score since July. Lastly there are IVE and Red Velvet who round out the top five for August in fourth and fifth place.

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