“The Batman” Actor Robert Pattinson Says He Always Brings Props Home After Filming.

The main actor of “The Batman” Robert Pattinson admitted that during the shooting of the film, he apparently often brought home props. The actor seemed too dedicated to playing the Caped Crusader that he found himself bringing home some socks after shooting the scene.

Pattinson spoke to BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb about “The Batman”, where he was asked if he ever brought home gear from the set. After admitting that it was nearly impossible to smuggle anything out of the film’s set, Pattinson spoke about WB speaking to him about it.

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Warner Bros. always had to remind Pattinson that the actor stole too many Dark Knight socks from the set. In a joking tone, Warner Bros. reminding that it’s okay to take filming props home, but if it’s too much then they’ll remind them.

“I keep being reminded of Warner Bros.,” said Pattinson. “They’ll say, ‘You know, it’s okay to take some, but you take them every day (laughs). How many socks do you need, since we’ve been shooting for a year?'”

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Pattinson played a young Bruce Wayne early in his career as Batman. Director Matt Reeves said the film was inspired by the DC series Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, Darwyn Cooke’s Batman: Ego and Other Tails, and Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s Batman: Year One.

“The Batman” has received positive reception since its release at the box office. The film has grossed 5.3 million US dollars for official preview screenings Thursday night in the US. Reports state that Matt Reeves’ Batman reboot has earned 1.7 million in Korea as of Tuesday.

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“The Batman” has also earned 2.1 million in France, 414,000 in Sweden, and 362,000 in Indonesia, and 193,000 dollars in Belgium since its release on Wednesday (2/3). “The Batman” currently opens in 47 additional markets as of Thursday, with an additional 19 on Friday.

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