The Avengers Prove One Villain is a Greater Multiversal

The version of Victor von Doom who calls himself Doom Supreme has emerged as the ultimate threat to the Multiverse that the Avengers have to stop before it’s too late. The latest issue of Avengers: Forever from Marvel Comics has provided more details on Doom Supreme’s story, methods, and resources, proving he is such a threat to the stability of the Multiverse that even Kang the Conqueror pales in comparison. Doom Supreme appeared for the first time in Avengers #50 from a creative team including Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco, a special issue that introduced many future storylines and enemies for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The demon lord Mephisto was plotting to conquer the Multiverse and to do that he allied with a very dangerous version of Doom, who then assembled a group of the nastiest villains from every reality, the Multiversal Masters of Evil. Their plan was to travel back in time and, in each universe, kill the first group of protectors of the Earth, the Prehistoric Avengers, making sure that the Heroic Age never came to be and the planet was left without defenders. Doom Supreme, however, had his own plans, using the Masters and Mephisto himself as pawns.

Avengers: Forever #5, by Jason Aaron, Jim Towe, and Guru-eFX, Doom Supreme explains why he has not interested in claiming any of the Earths conquered throughout the Multiverse as his own, as the other Masters of Evil are doing. His purpose is to find the Doom of each reality and enslave them to his will. Those who fail to bend to Supreme’s will are killed, their skins harvested to fuel the arcane energy of his mystical armor. The majority of them, however, are broken, and they become Doom Supreme’s slaves, his own, twisted version of Doombots. Through this process, Doom Supreme has built an impressive army that operates from Doom, the Living Planet, a variant of Doom which is also a sentient planet.

The story, the Doom Supreme has foreseen a great calamity coming, “a flood that will wash away the works of man”. His purpose is to save the most precious thing in the Multiverse, Doom himself in his infinite versions. This ruthless villain, however, is far from being a savior. His journey began when he killed another version of himself for the first time, feeling a profound ecstasy that proves he is extremely deranged. He also needs the skin of other Dooms to replenish the enchantments on his armor, which was originally forged from the skin of Valeria, the only woman he ever loved. This means that he is only “saving” the other Dooms because they serve as his weapons and resources, but this doesn’t change the fact that Supreme is amassing an entire army where every soldier is a version of one of Marvel’s greatest villains: a powerful sorcerer armed with the most advanced blend of technology and magic. Compared to this threat, the other Multiversal Masters of Evil will be just a nuisance for the Avengers. Even Kang, who usually plucks valiant warriors from throughout history for his armies, has never amassed such a fearsome force. With an army of living “Doombots” and a Doom-planet at his disposal, Supreme will likely launch his own assault on the Multiverse. It will be very interesting to see how Supreme will interact with the “original” Doom from Earth-616, which has not yet appeared in the current Avengers stories. When the Masters of Evil launched their brief attack on Earth-616, against Mephisto’s orders of leaving that universe for last, Supreme stayed away from Doctor Doom, which is surprising considering the revelation in Avengers: Forever of his obsession for other Dooms. It could be that, in the endgame, it will be up to the original Doctor Doom, rather than the Avengers, to save the Multiverse from the threat of his most deranged version ever, Doom Supreme.

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