The 6 Best Action Films of the Most Interested

The action film genre is quite popular. Not without reason, because the action film genre does offer a sensation of excitement as well as tension. Action action in action films also always grabs the attention of the audience. So, don’t be surprised if then many people are looking for the best action movie recommendations.

Another reason why action films are so popular is because this genre of film can be watched at any time. Even when you feel sad and tired, action films can be the right entertainment. Watching action in the recommendations of the best action films can instantly bring someone who is feeling weak to be enthusiastic again.


NO TIME TO DIE is one of the best action film recommendations that must be watched, especially for those of you fans of the story of the secret agent James Bond. NO TIME TO DIE tells the story of James Bond who finally lives his life as an ordinary person, after deciding to retire as a secret agent.


However, suddenly James was visited by his friend Felix Leiter who asked for his help to return to being a secret agent. Felix asks Bond to take on a dangerous mission to uncover Specters. Starting from a request for help from a fellow secret agent, James Bond’s adventure begins again.


The second best action film recommendation is BAD BOYS FOR LIFE. The film, which was directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, is the third in the series of BAD BOYS films that had previous hits. In this third series, BAD BOYS FOR LIFE tells the story of the adventures of two detective agents Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett in unraveling a big mystery.

BAD BOYS FOR LIFE offers suspense and excitement for the audience. But that’s not all, the film, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, is also full of fresh humor that is guaranteed to tickle you. That’s why BAD BOYS FOR LIFE is one of the action films that is a pity to miss.


THE SUICIDE SQUAD is one of the films that has been in the spotlight. How not, this film actually makes a group of criminals as the main character. THE SUICIDE SQUADUICIDE SQUADS tells the story of a group of criminals who are given a mission to commit suicide. They are a group of iconic criminals, including Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Polkadot Man, and King Shark.


But it’s not just about completing the mission, the criminals led by Rick Flag are also given another mission to save Harley Quinn, and destroy a heavily guarded Nazi prison. To know more about the story, just watch THE SUICIDE SQUAD!


MULAN is one of the popular Disney princess characters. However, unlike other Disney princess characters, Mulan is known to be strong and tough. After many years since the animated version was released, MULAN was finally produced in action figure form in 2020.MULAN tells the story of the courage of a girl named Hua Mulan who lived in the era of the Northern and Southern dynasties (240-589 AD).

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Mulan, who has a fighting spirit, is trapped in a patriarchal tradition where a woman is strictly forbidden to join the war. However, because of the situation and the courage he has, Mulan has the courage to fight against enemies and traditions.
Not only about roles, this action film also tells about the search for identity. So, MULAN not only presents action like most action films. Rather, it also provides many lessons and deep meaning.


ZACK SNYDER: JUSTICE LEAGUE is the next best action film recommendation. ZACK SNYDER: JUSTICE LEAGUE is a must for fans of DC superhero films. ZACK SNYDER: JUSTICE LEAGUE is a remake film set after the death of Clark Kent aka Superman when he lost against Doomsdays.

ZACK SNYDER: JUSTICE LEAGUE shows Bruce Wayne or Batman who harbors feelings of guilt over Superman’s death. Starting from that guilt, Bruce Wayne then formed a group consisting of other superheroes, such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, to The Flash. This superhero group then took action to destroy Steppenwolf, Darkseid and DeSaad who attacked the earth.


There are many reasons why you should watch SPIDERMAN: NO WAY HOME. The reason is, this film is one of the best action film recommendations ever produced. Prior to its release, SPIDERMAN: NO WAY HOME had been a long-awaited film. When it was released, SPIDERMAN: NO WAY HOME also immediately became a conversation and became trending. In fact, SPIDERMAN: NO WAY HOME went on to become one of the highest-grossing films of all time.


SPIDERMAN: NO WAY HOME tells the story of Spiderman whose identity has been revealed so that the whole city becomes noisy. Starting from the commotion, Spiderman then came to ask for Docto Strange’s help. But in fact, what Spiderman planned did not go according to plan. Something bigger actually had to be faced.

Curious how the full story? To know and feel the sensation, you must watch SPIDERMAN: NO WAY HOME live!

Those are some of the recommendations for the best action films of all time that must be watched at least once in their lifetime. Hopefully useful and happy watching!.

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