The 17 Greatest Ozploitation Films

Crash! Screech! Kaboom! These are some of the sounds of Ozploitation movies: an explosively unique class of cinema that offered a totally specific enjoy to the extra vaunted “Australian new wave” (even though some movies may be labeled as both).

I even have restricted the scope of the titles underneath to person-orientated style films (the kind that wouldn’t appearance out of location at a pressure cinema) produced within the 70s and 80s. From sexcapades to vehicle films and a creature characteristic, right here are the very first-rate.15. Alvin Purple (1973) and The Naked Bunyip (1970)

The sexploitation movie is a subgenre of Ozploitation, soiling bedsheets and outraging prudes for the reason that early 70s. Graeme Blundell stars in the two all-time finest – drawing a dead heat on this listing. In Alvin Purple, Blundell performs a man who tries to keep away from sex but whom all women discover impossible to resist; in The Naked Bunyip he’s employed by an marketing organisation to behavior a survey on sex in Australia.

The latter became the stuff of legend when the censors banned several scenes; in response, director John B Murray and producer Phillip Adams blacked out the screen and inserted photos of a caricature bunyip.14. Mad Dog Morgan (1976)

Few things in human history were as wild as Dennis Hopper after a bottle of spirits. Anecdotes approximately the making of Philippe Mora’s bushranger movement-drama, starring a faux beard-sporting Hopper because the all-weapons-blazin’ protagonist, are nearly as unique because the movie itself. Beginning as a penal colony-technology prison film, Mad Dog Morgan morphs right into a story of friendship (among Morgan and his accomplice in crime, performed through David Gulpilil) then one in all proto-movie star – or possibly “notoriety” is a higher manner to place it. The film’s scratchy, earthy vibes suits its bush settings.Dennis Hopper plays the ‘all-guns-blazin’’ protagonist of Philippe Mora’s Mad Dog Morgan. Photograph: Everett Collection Inc/Alamy13. Stone (1974)

In 1998, to mark Stone’s 25th anniversary, extra than 30,000 bikers congregated in Sydney to recreate the movie’s iconic funeral scene – speaking to the long-lasting legacy and intense if niche fandom related to Sandy Harbutt’s scrappy traditional. Biker gang The Gravediggers allow a detective (Ken Shorter) to go undercover with them, in order to analyze the murder of gang participants. The plot structure is haphazard and the trip, so to speak, is bumpy. But the film’s electricity prevails, and it’s full of small moments of visible innovation.12. The Return of Captain Invincible (1983)

In this fabulously flaky superhero day out Alan Arkin plays the titular person, who, in a proto-Hancock and The Incredibles-esque plotline, fights Nazis and busts up bootleggers till the US authorities takes him to court docket for sporting underwear in public. The Cap buggers off to Australia and becomes a hopeless alcoholic, however in the long run takes up the combat against Christopher Lee’s nefarious supervillain. The movie is a musical (due to route it is) with songs written through The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Richard O’Brien, together with this impossible to resist rumination on the character of desirable and evil:

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eleven. Turkey Shoot (1982)

Before Squid Game and The Hunger Games there was this batshit loopy event film, full of splatter and carnage, set in an Orwellian future in which the underclass are prey for a game performed by means of wealthy sadists, decided to chase and kill them before sundown. Nothing become too bizarre for this deliriously harebrained narrative, which incorporates a toe-consuming werewolf-like monster and one of the most breathtakingly evil jail guards in cinema records – performed by shiny-scalped legend Roger Ward.10. The Man From Hong Kong (1975)

Brian Trenchard-Smith’s normally lively martial arts film plus automobile film plus cop film plus all-round motion explodapalooza follows a Chinese unique agent (Jimmy Wang Yu) who infiltrates a criminal network led by a gangster played by George Lazenby – aka “the Australian 007.” There are high-quality stunts, a cracking tempo and thoroughly staged sequences, consisting of a interesting eight-and-a-half-minute automobile chase that would sincerely have stimulated George Miller’s Mad Max movies.nine. Inn of the Damned (1975)

Terry Bourke’s meat pie western in no way carried out all that much road cred, that’s a disgrace due to the fact the movie is terrific – starting in jaunty Sergio Leone mode and culminating with a magnificently suspenseful finale. In the titular motel, circa the past due 1800s, visitors are murdered of their sleep by way of its maniacal owners (Dame Judith Anderson and Joseph Fürst), making the place a form of Bates Motel Down Under. Determined to outsmart them, the hero (Alex Cord) must live conscious in a room fitted out with a bed that doubles as an difficult dying dev


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