Tales of the Walking Dead’s Alpha Are Necessary

Samantha Morton reveals why it’s necessary to include flashbacks of her TWD character, Alpha, in the new spinoff series Tales of the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead’s Samantha Morton tells fans why Alpha’s flashbacks are necessary in Tales of the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is one of AMC’s most successful series, having become a household name and a major influence on the zombie horror genre. Season 1 premiered in 2010 and has run for 11 seasons, with the series finale set to debut in the Fall of 2022. With its massive success, The Walking Dead has become a franchise of its own, with accompanying books, video games, and several TV spinoffs.

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While The Walking Dead currently has two spinoff series – Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond – the franchise has two upcoming spinoff series set to debut within the next year as well: a Negan and Maggie-centric miniseries entitled Isle of the Dead, and an anthology series called Tales of the Walking Dead. The first major trailer for Tales of the Walking Dead was released after The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic-Con and gave fans glimpses of both new characters and of previous fan favorites, namely, Morton’s iconic TWD villain Alpha. The anthology series, which consists of several stand-alone, character-driven stories, will give viewers an insight into Alpha’s past.

1 Walking Dead Spinoff Detail Supports A Longstanding Alpha Theory Tales is right around the corner. New character images have confirmed the return of Alpha, but not how fans remember her. The main series of The Walking Dead may be ending, but Alpha is confirmed to be returning in the spinoff Tales of the Walking Dead. Viewers will remember that Alpha met her demise in The Walking Dead season 10, episode 12, “Walk With Us”, after her group, the sinister Whisperers from the comics, were infiltrated by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who gained her trust only to betray her. For the upcoming spinoff, the character is referred to as Alpha/Dee, suggesting it may not be the Alpha audiences are already familiar with.

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Tales of the Walking Dead, scheduled to be released in August 2022, will tell six original stories of survivors both old and new as they live through the zombie apocalypse. Not much has yet been revealed about the contents of the six anthology episodes, other than that the show will introduce viewers to new worlds and new mysteries, told from different, unknown characters’ perspectives. Cast members confirmed to be appearing in Tales of the Walking Dead include Terry Crews, Olivia Munn, and The Boys A-Train star, Jessie T. Usher, but one cast announcement has left fans pondering the details of the series. In April 2022, Samantha Morton was confirmed to be reprising her role as Alpha, a.k.a. Dee, suggesting that the series will be taking place before her final appearance in The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead season 9, episode 15, “The Calm Before”, Alpha infiltrates the fair at the Kingdom, posing as a visiting resident of the Hilltop colony and taking on the name Deborah. With a fake accent, blond wig, and friendly demeanor, Alpha’s disguise easily allows her to blend in at the Kingdom, allowing her to kidnap and murder several characters audiences had come to love, dealing a massive blow to the survivors. Interestingly, promotional material for Tales of the Walking Dead is now referring to Alpha as Dee, which all but confirms a long-standing fan theory that Deborah is in fact Alpha’s real name.

The Walking Dead’s panel at SDCC, Morton commented on why Tales of the Walking Dead needed to have flashbacks of Alpha’s past. In The Walking Dead, viewers only know Alpha’s backstory through the eyes of Alpha’s daughter, Lydia. However, Morton says that Tales of the Walking Dead will show Alpha’s making through her own perspective and will include things about the character that Lydia. The Walking Dead season 9, episode 10, “Omega,” viewers watched as Lydia revealed her mother’s backstory and learned how the Whisperers’ mother-daughter duo became a part of the Whisperers. However, as the episode progresses, Lydia realizes that much of what she thought to be true about her past was lies influenced by severe trauma and that her mother isn’t the savior Lydia had once thought her to be. In one episode, Lydia is proven to be an unreliable narrator because of the trauma caused by the apocalypse and her mother, so her memories can only be taken at face value.