Synopsis The Sound of Magic, Ji Chang Wook Drakor Airs May 2022 on Netflix

The Korean drama The Sound of Magic has become a conversation before its broadcast. Because the drama, which was adapted from a popular webtoon, stars a row of famous artists Ji Chang Wook, Hwang In Yeop, and Choi Sung Eun.

The Sound of Magic marks Hwang In Yeop’s comeback after gaining popularity through the Korean drama True Beauty. Likewise Choi Sung Eun who starred in Beyond Evil. Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook was seen making out with Kim Ji Won in the Korean drama Lovestruck in the City.

The fans were even more enthusiastic after the teaser for the Korean drama The Sound of Magic was released Monday (11/4/2022) yesterday. The Sound of Magic was revealed as a musical drama with a fantasy theme.

With a total of six episodes, the Korean drama The Sound of Magic will air exclusively on Netflix on May 6, 2022.

Synopsis The Sound of Magic

The Korean drama The Sound of Magic was adapted from a popular webtoon entitled Annarasumanara which was released in 2010.

Like the original webtoon, The Sound of Magic follows the meeting of Yoon Ah Yi (played by Choi Sung Eun), a girl who wants to grow up too fast with Lee Eul (played by Ji Chang Wook), a mysterious magician who wants to be a child forever despite being an adult. .

Ji Chang Wook transforms into a mysterious magician named Lee Eul. He lives in an abandoned amusement park.

Choi Sung Eun plays Yoon Ah Yi, a high school student with a poor life. He once believed in the wizarding world like an ordinary child. But after his father’s business goes bankrupt and his father disappears into thin air, Yoon Ah Yi must take over the responsibility and take care of his younger brother.

Due to the burden of her life, Yoon Ah Yi begins to lose her dreams and wants to grow up quickly. But a mysterious magician he meets at the amusement park recovers his lost laugh.

The Korean drama star True Beauty, Hwang In Yeop returns as a high school boy. He played Na Il Deung, a boy who wasn’t really expected to be born.

Na Il Deung was once a popular student who only focused on studies and didn’t know how to make friends. But he begins to change after following Yoon Ai to the amusement park and studying magic with Lee Eul.

The Sound of Magic did not air on television and became a Netflix original series. This Korean drama is directed by Kim Sung Yoon who is behind the success of Itaewon Class. The script was written by Kim Min Jung who worked with him while working on the Korean drama Love in the Moonlight.

In July 2020, it was reported that Kim Seong-yoon, who directed the dramas Love in the Moonlight and Itaewon Class is in discussion to direct a six-episode Netflix original drama ‘Annarasumanara’ based on the Naver webtoon of the same name by Ha Il-kwon. In April 2021, Netflix officially announced production of the series as The Sound of Magic with JTBC Studios and Content Zium in charge of production. Writer Kim Min-jeong, who worked with director Kim Seong-yoon in the drama Love in the Moonlight was also in the helm for the script.

In December 2020, an official from Glorious Entertainment announced that Ji Chang-wook was offered the role of the magician and were in talks to star in the series. In the same month, Hwang In-youp was also reported to have been offered the role of Na Il-deung. In February 2021, Ace Factory announced that Choi Sung-eun was in talks to appear in the drama after receiving the offer to play Yoon Ah-yi. In April 2021, Nam Da-reum was reported to have joined that cast and has attended the script reading. He will be playing as Ji Chang-wook’s young character, Lee Eul. That same month, Netflix officially announced production as well as casting confirmation with Ji Chang-wook, Choi Sung-eun, and Hwang In-yeop as part of the main cast. In July 2021, rookie actress Hong Song Hee from Lucky Monster was cast to play the role of Lee Eul’s friend, Jisoo. In September 2021, actor Yoo Jae-myung who previously worked with Itaewon Class director Kim Seong-yoon, was announced to appear as Na Il-deung’s father.

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