Synopsis of The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Film which will air on Friday (28/1) on Disney+ Hotstar

The exciting adventures of the possum brothers, Crash and Eddie, continue in the latest film, the sixth animated saga, Ice age. The following is a synopsis of The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild , which airs starting Friday (28/1) on Disney+ Hotstar. The adventure begins when Crash (Vincent Tong) and Eddie (Aaron Harris) feel the need for freedom after they have lived too long in Snow Valley.

They then left to find a new place, but ended up trapped in the Lost World, an underground cave filled with strange creatures. Luckily, they are saved by a one-eyed weasel named Buck Wild (Simon Pegg). He turned out to be a true explorer and protector of the Lost World. Buck and the duo Crash-Eddie then unite on an unforgettable adventure when they must face the dinosaurs that live in the Lost World.

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The dinosaurs are led by Orson (Utkarsh Ambudkar) who has a raptor instinct and ambitions to rule the Lost World. He also has a revenge mission against Buck for banishing him to Lava Island. Along the way, they also meet new friends such as Brenda, a carnivorous plant, and a talented zorilla named Zee.

Crash and Eddie are two possum brothers who are notorious for causing chaos. They are brave, hyperactive, and like to do extreme activities. Crash and Eddie have a desire to live an adventurous life like Buck Wild.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild CELÝ FILM will also feature iconic characters that have never existed before, such as Manny the Mammoth (Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes) and his wife, Ellie (Dominique Jennings), Sid the ancient slow loris (Jake Green), and Diego (Skyler). Stone) a Smilodon tiger who is Manny and Sid’s best friend.

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The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is directed by John C. Donkin. This is Donkin’s directorial debut after previously sitting in the producer’s chair, including for Ice Age 3 and 4. Ray DeLaurentis, Jim Hecht, and William Schifrin were writing the script for this film. The film opens on January 28, 2022 and can be watched via Disney+ Hotstar.

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