Synopsis of Spence Film Portrait of Princess Diana’s Anxiety at the End of Her Marriage with Prince Charles

Spencer is a portrait of Princess Diana’s dismay at the end of her marriage to Prince Charles and performed by Kristen Stewart. Here’s Spencer’s synopsis. Spencer recounts the inner struggles of Diana (Kristen Stewart) during a three-day Christmas holiday with the British Royal family at Queen Elizabeth II’s residence in Sandringham, Nofolk, in December 1991.

At that time, the household of Diana and Prince Charles (Jack Farthing) had been damaged by the presence of Camilla Parker Bowles. Diana was unable to adjust to palace life so she tended to be shunned. Diana had tried to avoid Sandringham and the royal family by driving around alone.

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While driving, he discovers the fact that the land next to the Queen’s residence is the land where he grew up as a child. In the same field, Diana found a scarecrow wearing clothes from her father, John Spencer. All of these findings make Diana thirst for her past amid the mental burden of a messy marriage, the strict traditions of the Royal family, and the media spotlight.

The 1991 Christmas holidays felt so great to have an army of specially brought in staff and waiters. But every holiday moment too, Diana has to undergo a strange tradition at Sandringham, namely weighing her weight before and after the holiday moment. Diana was scared. Especially in the early ’90s, he developed an eating disorder and bulimia, in which he refused all food that went into his stomach and lost weight because of it.

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However, at Sandringham, Diana found a number of people who were relatives and friends since childhood. This adds to the nostalgia and reinforces the desire to run away from her stressful household with Prince Charles and the British Royal family.

In addition, only with her two children, Prince William and Prince Harry, Diana felt happy and could insert Christmas customs for people in general. The British Royal Family is said to have a tradition of opening gifts before Christmas for reasons that Diana thought was making it up.

As night approached, Diana’s anxiety grew. In fact, he became obsessed with the book about Anne Boleyn that he found in his room. Anne Boleyn was the wife of England’s King Henry VIII, who was dumped by her husband on charges of treason and adultery in order to marry his mistress, Jane Seymour.

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Diana felt the similarity between herself and Anne. Both have their household destroyed by a third person, and have an English royal husband who tries to get rid of them in order to be with his mistress.

Diana even began to hallucinate and sense Anne’s presence. Not only that, all his madness due to stress with his household led him to decide on something further. Although based on true events, Spencer is actually a historical fiction film wrapped in a psychological drama film. Directed by Pablo Larrain, Spencer’s script was written by Steven Knight.

Spencer stars Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. Her performance in this film received a lot of praise and earned her a 2022 Oscar nomination for the Best Actress category.

It’s not just Stewart who is getting the credit. Spencer has also won many nominations and awards at many film festivals around the world. Spencer is known not to be shown in many theaters around the world. It is mostly shown at festivals. Thus, the film with a budget of US $ 18 million was only able to collect a box office of US $ 21.7 million.

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