Synopsis of Prey, the Fifth Film of the Predator Terror Franchise Wrapped in Science Fiction

Prey is the fifth film in the Predator franchise. No kidding, Prey is directed by Dan Trachtenberg with a screenplay written by Patrick Aison.

As in the previous Predator films, Prey has its own storyline. Although at the end of the story there is still a link to other Predator films.

Still the same as other Predator films, this film still carries the adventure of hunting long-haired aliens with the predator’s distinctive helmet.

Tells the story of the fall of a comet in North America in 1719, which makes members of the Comanche Nation face a major threat.

Naru (played by Amber Midthunder) is a woman from the Comanche Nation who struggles to prove to her family and tribe that she is as great a hunter and warrior as any boy.

He witnessed a fireball in the sky not long after he and his trusted dog found a trap laid by a hunter in the forest.

At the crucial moment when Naru has a chance to prove his worth by hunting mountain lions with his fellow soldiers, he is interrupted by the sound of a Predator in the distance. He falls and is helped by his brother (Dakota Beavers), and is brought back to camp.

It was his brother who won the title of War Chief after coming with a carcass and a lion’s head. Naru then told Taabe of what he had seen, and said that they should go and hunt down this mysterious creature. When Taabe refuses, Naru decides to go with his dog to hunt the creature himself.

He tried to track down the predator and found a buffalo with only the skin left. Then, almost drowning in quicksand, he witnessed a bear losing to an invisible predator.

Naru finally survived by swimming down the river and returned to his tribe to tell what he experienced. However, no one believed it.

Naru is the only survivor when a predator attacks them. He realized that predators can detect even hidden prey.

While escaping, Naru gets caught in a trap he found earlier. However, for some reason the predator did not attack him at that time. Instead, what happens is that Naru is held captive by hunters from France who are apparently trying to catch predators as well.

They also captured Naru’s brother and tied them both up to be used as bait in capturing the aliens. However, of course the predator is too smart to fall into the bait.

Naru explains that the aliens didn’t attack him when he was trapped and concludes that it’s not considered a threat. Taabe cheers his sister by revealing that she can kill a lion by following her plan.

Then he uttered the famous line from the first Predator film “if it bleed, we can kill it”

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