Synopsis of Book of Love which will air in February 2022

Book of Love is one of the films that will be shown on KlikFilm in February 2022. This romantic comedy genre film is set in two countries, namely the United States and Mexico, starring Sam Claflin and Veronica Echegui, directed by Aneleine Cal y Mayor.
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The story of the Book of Love (2022) film opens with the reading of the novel The Sensible Heart by Henry Copper (Sam Claffin) in a bookstore, which is only attended by one participant. Not yet finished the event, the only participant left. The bookstore then gave a promotion for the novel The Sensible Heart, “buy one get three.”

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However, it didn’t take long for Henry Copper to be contacted by a publicist, Jen Spencer (Lucy Punch), who reported that The Sensible Heart had failed in the US but was selling well in Mexico. So he was flown there to visit Mexico City and Palenque.

The Mexican version of The Sensible Heart is translated by Maria Rodriguez (Veronica Echegui). Arriving there, Henry is picked up by Maria with his grandfather, Max (Fernando Bece), and his son, Diego (Ruy Gaytan). Henry is shocked to find the Mexican version of The Sensible Heart cover like a movie poster 17 years and over.

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Apparently, success was obtained because, Maria rewrote The Sensible Heart into a soap opera of infidelity and hot scenes. Henry Copper was furious at first. However, he was in a dilemma because the change in the content of his book gave birth to many fans.

Once the scene moves to Mexico, the plot is easy to read. We know where Analeine Cal y Mayor and David Quantick are directing the story and how it will end. What makes Book of Love still easy to follow is the interaction of the two main characters.

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Sam Claflin and Veronica Echegui bring the characters to life effortlessly. A number of conflicts that are splashed feel natural, making it easy for the audience to understand what they are facing. As a result, Henry and Maria feel close.

In comparison, Maria’s character is more complete. A number of supporting characters illuminate the past and present of a Maria from Max, Diego, to Antonio (Horacio Garcia Rojas), an irresponsible but confident ex-husband asking for a second chance.

Meanwhile, Henry is a bit vague. We know his background from a number of oral confessions. The rest is the journey of two characters looking for love in an ever-forward movement.

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