Storyline of Korean Darma Man Who Sets the Table Starring Sooyoung Girls Generation

Man Who Sets the Table is a drama series starring Sooyoung Girls Generation and On Joo Wan.
Synopsis Man Who Sets the Table tells the story of the drama of a girl’s life until she flees abroad.

Directed by Joo Sung Woo and Park Hyeon Ju as scriptwriters, this romantic comedy genre drama consists of 50 episodes. Here’s the storyline. The story begins with a girl named Lee Roo Ri (Sooyoung) who comes from a poor family. Everyday, Roo Ri often feels pressured by circumstances. Moreover, his relationship with his father is very cold.

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Several times he often had arguments with his father because he was considered too harsh. Not to mention, the family’s economic condition has slumped enough to make things even more chaotic.

Despite being hit by difficulties, Roo Ri continues to try to find a decent job to make a living and improve the family’s finances. Reported by Asian Wiki, the synopsis of Man Who Sets the Table tells that his efforts to get a job have paid off. Roo Ri’s status at that time began to be accepted to work in a large and well-known South Korean company.

Although the job is considered promising, Roo Ri has another reason because she feels quite depressed like a burden. One day, the poor girl decided to resign from the company for one reason or another that made her have to give up.

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The decision was not easy. Moreover, the decision also became a source of other problems related to the relationship with his father. Due to anger, irritation, and depression that culminate into one, Roo Ri is determined to run away to find peace. He went abroad with a hidden heart wound. On the way, he meets a young man, namely Jung Tae Yang (On Joo Wan). Tae Yang’s character holds the principle that you only live once.

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