Star Trek Picard Season 3 Explores How Seven of Nine

Star Trek: Picard’s final season will go into Seven of Nine’s career in Starfleet and explore her identity as she takes command of a starship. Star Trek: Picard will explore Seven of Nine’s character development as she assumes a command position of a starship in season 3. Picard’s final season will premiere in 2023 on Paramount+ with a total of ten episodes. Jeri Ryan will reprise her role as Seven, joining Patrick Stewart as Picard, as well as most main cast members from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Star Trek: Picard takes place 20 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis and sees former Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Stewart) come out of retirement and enter into a new adventure. Along his journeys, he’s joined by Seven of Nine (Ryan) a former member of the Borg collective, whose arc on Star Trek: Voyager explored her journey to become human again and deprogramming the thinking of the Borg collective. Picard’s season 2 finale saw Seven joining Starfleet and briefly becoming the Captain of the USS Stargazer in the process.

The Orville’s nightmarish Krill dystopia stays true to Star Trek’s traditions of political allegory in a way that Picard season 2 never quite managed. The Orville season 3, episode 4, “Gently Falling Rain,” is a political thriller set in a dystopian society that succeeds where Star Trek: Picard failed. An affectionate homage to episodic sci-fi adventure shows of the 1990s, The Orville regularly uses the genre to tell allegorical stories about contemporary society. This was the original intention of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, but many of the recent Star Trek series have shifted toward the long-form storytelling of modern prestige television. As a result, it can become harder for these Star Trek shows to satisfyingly tell a pointed, punchy, sci-fi allegory when it’s stretched over 10 weeks. The Orville’s episodic approach avoids this problem with momentum, and it’s evident from the success of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ similar storytelling style that there’s an audience appetite for these more contained stories.

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The Orville season 3, episode 4, the crew transport a diplomatic delegation to the Krill homeworld with the intention of ratifying a historic treaty with their old enemies. However, there is political unrest on the planet, and the future of the treaty is put in jeopardy when a populist leader defies expectations to win an election. The parallels with the election of Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton in 2016 are clear, and The Orville explores the extreme consequences through a sci-fi lens. Star Trek: Picard tackled a similar issue, with Patrick Stewart namechecking Trump in interviews to promote season 2’s trip to a dystopian future. Strangely for a comedy-drama series that has often leaned more toward comedy, the dystopia of The Orville is darker than Star Trek.

The Orville season 3, episode 4 is a political thriller about the perils of populism and the politics of isolation. Over the course of the episode, veteran Star Trek writers Brannon Braga and André Bormanis tackle themes of fake news and the use of algorithms to shape public opinion, and it even touches on the Krill’s chillingly draconian policies on abortion. It feels like a more robust portrayal of how a society can fall into the thrall of extremist politics than the dystopia Q created for Picard. Both The Orville and Star Trek: Picard spend one episode each in their respective utopias, but “Gently Falling Rain” has more to say about contemporary society than Star Trek: Picard season 2 does.

The season will see Seven as the first officer of a starship with a unique view on how to command her subordinates. The episodes will continue to explore her identity now that she’s in a command position and has accepted the part of herself that will always be linked to the Borg. With so much of the focus of Picard season 3 on the return of The Next Generation cast, it’ll be interesting to see how the writers will wrap up the arcs of the already established characters, including Seven. Seven’s decades-long arc will need a comprehensive ending to pay respect to one of Star Trek’s most beloved characters. Seven’s relationship with Raffi Musiker (Michele Hurd) will continue to be explored in season 3, with Musiker being the only original Picard lead character besides Stewart to return for the last season.

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