Spider-Man 4 will be made by Marvel Studios

Finally Kevin Feige confirmed the news that fans have been waiting for that there will be Spider-Man 4 under Marvel Studios.

Good news for Marvel and Spider-Man fans, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige just confirmed the Spider-Man 4 MCU is in active development with Sony and Disney. Spider-Man was rebooted to be a part of the MCU since Homecoming (2017). No Way Home is a threequel and conclusion to Tom Holland’s solo trilogy.

Sony’s plans to build its own universe filled with Spider-Man villains like Venom and Morbius raised fears the titular character could leave the MCU and return to Sony. Plus, news regarding Sony and Marvel halting talks to continue working together, before they reached a deal to make Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Thankfully, discussions about Spider-Man 4 were recently rumored to be in development, which could be the start of a new trilogy. After Amy Pascal, the producer of the Spider-Man film, discussed his hopes of making Spider-Man 4, Feige immediately confirmed the film was in early development.

“Amy, I, Disney and Sony are talking about — yes, we’re actively starting to develop where the story is going next, which I’m just saying straight away because I don’t want fans to go through the trauma of a breakup like what happened after Far From Home,” Feige was quoted as saying. from ScreenRant (18/12).

Reports of Spider-Man 4 originally surfaced in late November when Pascal in an interview said they were planning another trilogy led by Holland. This was met with a sigh of relief initially, but Pascal later dismissed the comments and said it was only his hope that the partnership would continue.

The film will likely have a new director as Jon Watts will have to focus on the Fantastic Four. Thus, the new creative team can form a different kind of trilogy. Meanwhile, Holland’s contract seems to be running out, but since Spider-Man 4’s release date is likely to be a few years away, it’s highly likely that he’ll land a new contract. In any case, fans need not worry about the continued clarity of Spider-Man: No Way Home at Marvel.

Spider-Man: No Way Home ganzer film is the conclusion to Tom Holland’s solo trilogy, which comes alongside three other MCU film appearances. It was through these six films that Spider-Man (Holland) became one of the greatest superheroes in pop culture.

This makes Spider-Man: No Way Home one of the most anticipated Marvel films of 2021, especially after rumors of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield appearing there.

After the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Spider-Man fans still have a lot of “Spidey” content to look forward to for years to come, especially within the MCU.

Even after six appearances, the character is confirmed to have as many as three new solo films in development, including Spider-Man 4 which is currently in the works.

As the fact that there are three Spider-Man solo films planned for the future, Sony and Marvel’s relationship seems to be very solid.

Given that the duo nearly broke up over rights issues following the release movies of Spider-Man: Far From Home, it’s an impressive feat for Spider-Man 4 to be so far in development.

With the MCU showing a Spider-Man solo film every two years since 2017, there’s a chance that Spider-Man 4 could happen sometime in 2023 or maybe 2024.

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