Six Superheroes brought together by Doctor Strange in the universe

This could be a spoiler for those of you who haven’t watched Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. Like the title, Doctor Strange, of course the main character is Stephen Strange who must face the Scarlatte Witch by traveling across the universe. Where, on one of his landings into a universe, Strange is confronted by the Illuminati (a group of superheroes who managed to fight Thanos in the universe) for trial, because Strange is considered a threat to the universe.

The first Illuminati to appear in the fourth phase of the MCU consists of Captain Marvel, Black Bolt, Karl Mordo, Captain Carter, Professor X and Mister Fantastic. The six were brought together by Doctor Strange in the universe. So, who are these six great superheroes? Let’s get acquainted with the six.

1. Captain Marvel

Surely you are no stranger to tough superheroes who can fly through the atmosphere, even move between planets without using this oxygen cylinder. Generally we know Captain Marvel is a Carol Danvers. However, in this Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, the identity of Captain Marvel is Maria Rambeau. Where, in the universe we have seen, Maria Rambeau is a friend of Carol Danvers.

2. Black Bolt

Illuminati comes from the Latin illuminatus which means enlightened. This word is often associated with a group of people who think they have been enlightened by some power or knowledge where they will also enlighten others with what has enlightened themselves.

The Illuminati in the Marvel universe, is a collection of superheroes gathered by Tony Stark after the Kree-Skrull War for the first time involved Earth. The members of the illuminati who appear in Doctor Strange have different members from those presented in the comics. There is no Norman the ruler of Atlantis and also no Iron-Man who is supposed to form the Illuminati.

Black Bolt is the leader of the inhumans. You can see how powerful Black Bolt’s ultrasonic sound is, which can flatten mountains with just a whisper in the Marvel Inhumans series. Inhumans itself is a genetically modified product created by the Kree Nation.

3. Karl Mordo

Mordo will always be where Strange is. Mordo is one of Strange’s fellow wizards who dislikes Strange. Be it in the universe we usually watch, or in the Earth-838 universe. Whereas on Earth Strange was gone, and the position of the Sorcerer Supreme had fallen into Mordo’s hands. However, Mordo still disliked Strange.

4. Captain Carter

Peggy Carter, the lover of Steve Rogers, and one of the best agents of the SSR (developed into S.H.I.E.L.D). In this universe, Carter is patched as a First Avengers. The plot in this universe is not the only plot that we can see. We can enjoy a similar story in a cartoon series entitled What If…? In the first episode.

5. Professor X

Charles Xavier or Professor X is a mutant who has telepathic abilities and strong telekinesis to be able to read and manipulate the minds of others. Professor X himself is the leader of the mutants in the X-Men.

6. Mister Fantastic

This hero from Marvel’s oldest comic strip is the leader of the Fantastic Four. This smart figure whose real name is Reed Richards is a scientist who is exposed to radiation from the cosmic while traveling to space. Although based on the latest version, Reed gains the ability of an elastic body due to exposure to chemicals from another universe.

Those are the members of the illuminati that you can recognize after watching Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness on Earth-838. It may be quite confusing for us to understand the multiuniverse theory that Marvel has to offer. But we can see how great God created the human mind so that humans can create infinite universes in the stories of the heroes at Marvel.

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