Sideshow Unveils New Stranger Things

ThreeZero’s ever-expanding collection of statues has added a new slew of figures from the Upside Down. Ahead of the highly popular Netflix show’s fourth season, Slideshow has revealed the first look at a new batch of Stranger Things figures coming from ThreeZero, including a brand-new Demogorgon 1/6 Scale Figure. Each season of Stranger Things has featured unique creatures and monsters from the Upside Down, though no matter which new creatures the series introduces, the Demogorgon from the show’s premiere season has stayed as the iconic monster from the series. It’s no wonder that the new figure is modeled after the creature — or that so much care put into capturing its appearance. The first look comes in the form of a new unboxing video that takes a look at the brand-new “ultra-detailed” Demogorgon 1/6 Scale Figure. The figure captures the horrifying and disgusting appearance of the creature from the Upside Down. The figure stands at approximately 16 inches tall and features a fully articulated body with over 24 points of articulation cleverly hidden beneath a soft PVC outer “skin.” In addition to these details, the figure also includes two interchangeable heads as well as several swap-out hands for a variety of posing options. This is not the only upcoming figure from ThreeZero that is themed after Stranger Things, however. There are also figures modeled after series stars Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), both also being 1/6 Scale figures, set to be shipped out between September and November 2022.

The reveal of these brand-new figures comes just a few weeks ahead of the return of Stranger Things. The first half of the fourth season of Stranger Things is set to premiere on Netflix on May 27, 2022, with the rest of the season arriving on the streaming service just over a month later on July 1. ThreeZero also has figures based on several other pop culture properties on the Sideshow website. They include highly detailed characters from world-famous franchises including Game of Thrones, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, The Walking Dead, Transformers, Naruto, Marvel, and many others.

TheDemogorgon 1/6 Scale Figure from ThreeZero is available now at Sideshow. You can check out images of all three of the Stranger Things 1/6 Scale Figures down below as well as Slideshow’s first look unboxing of the Demogorgon 1/6 Scale Figure down below.

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