Shojo and Anime For Girls

Anime, Japan’s stylish animated storytelling is a big hit in many countries these days, and you can’t turn around without hearing of a new anime series surfacing on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim or at your local Blockbuster. One of the big stereotypes of anime however, is that it’s all for boys and nothing could be farther from the truth!

Shojo (sometimes spelled shoujo) anime is made for a younger, female audience with the emphasis being placed on personal relationships rather than world-shaking battles or politics. Whether you’re looking for gift for a younger female cousin, or your friend feels that all anime is about men fighting in robot suits, there are a lot of different shows that will be perfectly suitable for even your girliest friend.

Fruits Basket

This series is one of the hottest sellers in the United States and with good reason! The story focuses on Tohru Honda, an orphaned high school girl who runs into a cursed family. Whenever a member of the wealthy mysterious Sohma family is hugged by a member of the opposite sex, they transform into one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. As Tohru struggles to break the curse, the audience will be enjoy strong plotlines, engaging characters and hilarious situations.

Fushigi Yuugi

In this anime, which is often translated into “The Mysterious Play,” a young girl falls through a portal in a book that takes her to ancient China. Once there, she is declared a priestess who must save the world by collecting the Celestial Warriors of the country and invoking a god. While Miaka is trying to do this, she must contend with being dragged back to her own world and dealing with mundane things like exams as well!

Angel Sanctuary

This dark, gothic story features a young boy who is the reincarnation of a rebellious angel. As both heavenly and infernal forces move to shape his awakening powers for their own ends, Setsuna Mudo must come to terms with his own conflicting emotions and find out what it is that he is willing to protect and fight for. This anime is not really suited for younger viewers, as it involves very adult themes.

Princess Tutu

If the idea of the protagonist starting out as duck who wants to save her prince appeals to you, than check out Princess Tutu. Ahiru is a young girl at a ballet school who has a crush on the quiet male lead dancer, Mytho, but she’s also a duck… and a magical superheroine! This occasionally surreal, always adorable anime is ideal for both younger viewers and those who can’t resist good animation and wonderful storytelling.

Here Is Greenwood

Getting away from the supernatural, Here Is Greenwood is the tale of a young student at boarding school for the first time. Kazuya Hasukawa is possibly the unluckiest boy ever; he falls in love only to have the object of his affections turn around and marry his brother. With a dorm full of fascinating characters that Kazuya just finds annoying and his double-crossing brother turning out to be the head of the infirmiry, Kazuya’s in for a wild semester!

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