Serie A Clubs To Start Second Teams

Lega Serie A president Lorenzo Casini underlined the need for Serie A clubs to have a second team as he discussed the plans to overhaul Italian football. The Serie A assembly met today, where all 20 clubs discussed various topics from the Azzurri’s failure to qualify to the World Cup to initiatives aimed at promoting peace in Ukraine. It’s clear that Italian football needs an overhaul following the play-off collapse and it has been a hot topic among fans and journalists alike in recent weeks.

Speaking in a press conference tonight, Casini first discussed the work carried out in today’s assembly meeting.

“We had several items on the agenda. First of all, I thanked Atalanta for their work in identifying those who were responsible for the chants to be sanctioned, we always strive to fight racism which hurts football.

“The clubs are also implementing the new FIGC protocol. President Gravina has asked for the creation of a task force that will see the federal components work on the reform of Italian football and not only on the National team.

“We have started a discussion, in this sense, and some points have emerged, such as the work and the proposal for reform on the youth sector and on the second teams and there is the expectation that this proposal will be perfected.

“Obviously, to work on this, a permanent working group will be set up within the league and that will go beyond the national team. The problem is of the entire football system, on the young players who arrive in the first teams through training. We are willing to make the players available to coach Roberto Mancini in November, even without the World Cup.

“For this reason, FIFA windows were discussed with the other leagues regarding their positioning during the season. This is a subject that needs to be dealt with carefully. We are also in the process of producing a document that has to do with the functioning of the league itself.

“My tour of the twenty clubs will begin shortly and we will also talk about the sustainability and health of our football. In Parliament we are still discussing the tax deferments of all sports clubs. The pandemic in this regard is still very much in evidence, so we need a system that is even more financially sustainable.

“Statute? I’m in constant contact with the FIGC, the goal is to arrive at the Federal Council meeting on 20 April with the matter closed.

“Conflict in Ukraine? Imagine sung before Juventus–Inter reached its goal, but it was blocked in Russia. We are discussing the line to be taken in the matches broadcast on Russian territory where Milan–Cagliari was also blacked out.

“Talking directly with Ukraine, it’s not easy to understand what could be the best choice. They have blocked several matches, the League has decided to monitor the situation, for now it has been agreed that the broadcast is instrumental for peace also through initiatives and direct donations.”

He discussed what kind of things the working group would be focused on.

“Multiple criteria, such as the indication of several clubs that want to take part. It’s clear that the issue of second teams is a real one, only Juve have one.

“A team like Sassuolo that has several Italians brings experience. In short, those who can bring experience and case stories, greater attention to problems, will be taken into consideration.”

Finally, Casini revealed which problem is the greatest in his opinion.

“The issue of second teams has emerged, an urgent problem. It is a priority whose solutions must be found together. There is an expectation that the proposals will be properly considered. There are young people in Italy, but then there is a gap in terms of employment and how they should be used.

“The numbers are pitiless. Then you have to invest in the centres, in training to make the path up to scratch. The other leagues moved when we were at a standstill, so now we need to sit down at the table with the Lega Pro and allow as many clubs as possible to become structured, including in women’s football.”

The failure to qualify for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar was a disaster, breaking the hearts of fans up and down the Italian peninsula. Roberto Mancini did not resign following the defeat, wanting to stay on and oversee the new project with the Azzurri.

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