SAS Movie Story: Red Notice Rescue From Terrorist Criminals

The movie SAS: Red Notice tells the story of the action that takes place in a region Deep beneath the English Channel. A small army of vicious terrorists has taken the Eurostar to Paris, and then taken 400 hostages at gunpoint and declared war on a government that has more than just a secret passage. which must be saved.

On the other hand, there was one person blocking their way.
Namely, an off-duty SAS soldier was hiding somewhere in the train. The SAS soldier was alone and injured. He was the only chance for the passengers and crew to get out alive.

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In the trailer for the film SAS: Red Notice , Tom Buckingham is seen trying to release intrigue and stop the terrorists to save everyone including Delphine, the beautiful woman he loves.
That’s a little story taken from the trailer for this SAS: Red Notice. A suspenseful action scene where you try to save all the hostages. To be clearer, it’s a good idea to watch this SAS: Red Notice movie.

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