Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Teen Wolf Show

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s role in Paramount+’s new Wolf Pack has been announced and is far better than a reprisal of her Buffy role. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s role in the upcoming Paramount+ production Wolf Pack has been confirmed, and it will be far better than a Buffy The Vampire Slayer return. As Gellar returns to the supernatural realm it gives the new Wolf Pack show an even greater boost. Not only will audiences of Teen Wolf flock to the new production, but so will those who look for some Buffy nostalgia. It is a genius move – but not just for this reason.

The show was announced at Comic-Con 2022 and is confirmed to star the iCarly reboot star Bella Shephard and Chad actor Armani Jackson. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s involvement with the new project was only recently established, much to the pleasant surprise of Buffy audiences. Wolf Pack will follow two teenagers who are caught in a wildfire and injured by a supernatural creature. As they discover they were, in fact, bitten by werewolves, their journey turning into the mythical supernatural creatures promises similar themes to Scott McCall’s adjustment to werewolf life in MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf’s Biggest Differences From The Original Movie – Teen Wolf was a huge hit for MTV when it arrived on the small screen in 2011, but how did the show differ from its 1985 horror comedy inspiration? Teen Wolf was a huge hit for MTV when it arrived on the small screen in 2011, but how did the show differ from its 1985 horror-comedy inspiration of the same name? Throughout its six-season run, MTV’s television reboot Teen Wolf was beloved by fans of teen drama, lycanthropic horror, and very obvious subtext alike. The series was a drama-mystery-fantasy hybrid that struck a successful balance between campy and compelling. The show was a success with critics and fans alike as it never took itself too seriously, using the potent metaphor of lycanthropy to explore everything from male bonding to puberty to Native American mythology to coming out.

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Teen Wolf was an adaptation of an earlier hit film of the same name (which was itself a re-imagining of the superbly-titled fifties drive-in classic I Was A Teenage Werewolf, for anyone who wants to go down a rabbit hole of remake-remaking). The 1985 comedy “horror” Teen Wolf (more on that description later) shared some DNA with the later MTV series, but the Michael J. Fox vehicle was a far more lighthearted and silly affair. So, what were the pivotal differences between the original 1985 film and the later TV reboot, and how did they affect the Teen Wolf TV show’s tone? From the way Scott becomes a werewolf to the company he keeps or how public he’s willing to be with his condition, the show and movie diverge in a number of ways. Add in the fact that the MTV show is several decades newer and was told in an episodic format, the differences are more than superficial.

Gellar’s role comes in is as an arson investigator of the aforementioned wildfire, and it seems a much better option for her than a Buffy return, both professionally and in relation to the Wolf Pack plot. As the two bitten teenagers team up, they encounter another pair of werewolves. These two are the adopted children of a park ranger who experienced a similar aberration 16 years prior, perhaps related to events of Teen Wolf. Gellar’s role in this interconnected series of events surely confirms a greater range for the actress. The type of tension this could cause between Gellar’s arson investigator character and the park ranger could be interesting.

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