Sameera Reddy’s ideal vacation in Maldives with husband

Sameera Reddy shares glimpses of her family vacation on Instagram and makes the fans go aww.

Actress Sameera Reddy is currently enjoying her vacation in the Maldives with her husband Akshai Varde and their kids. A recent Instagram video shared by her exemplifies how a perfect family vacation can be. Her adorable family can be seen going for walks, riding in the ocean, flying above the gorgeous landscape of the Maldives, and having fun at the beach.

The video shows a compilation of short delightful clips in which Reddy is having a great time with her family. The most eye-catching aspect of one of the videos is that Akshai Varde, like a caring father, can be seen carrying his daughter Nyra on his shoulders and exploring the place around. Hans, the couple’s son, walks alongside them. Reddy captioned the post, “Walking towards sunshine.. Hello Monday,” with the appropriate song ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves.

Fans fell in love with the video as soon as it surfaced on the internet. The clip has received thousands of views, likes, and lovely comments. One of the viewers expressed his admiration by writing, “Beautiful family video, have a nice day.” Another individual referred to the four as a “happy family,” encouraging them to “enjoy as much as they can.” Many more people said things like, “Wow”, “Beautiful”, “Have fun”, and so on. In another video, Sameera Reddy can be seen wearing a green swimsuit and taking a dip in the sea with her daughter. The actress is certainly having a gala time with her family on the island.

Since her vacation began, the actress has shared a number of videos, the most recent of which shows her little daughter Nyra prepared for the party. The munchkin is dressed in cute attire and has sunglasses on, while she’s carrying a large purse.

Many people have complimented the little girl on her outfit and the purse she is carrying. One of the comments on this video reads, “I love her bag which is even bigger n heavier than her… little fashionista.”

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