Saint André a Great Success for the Preview of the Film “Délicieux”

Not only is Délicieux a film steeped in humanity and carried by performers in a state of grace, but it is also of great pictorial beauty. Thanks to the cinematographer, Tourangeau Jean-Marie Dreujou, to whom we also owe, among other things, the photo of the ambitious Kaamelott – First installment and who is in charge of photography for Jean-Jacques Annaud’s next film, Notre-Dame Burns.

Directed by Éric Besnard (Le Goût des merveilles), from a screenplay he wrote with Nicolas Boukrief (Three days and a life or Le Convoyeur), Délicieux is a successful historical fiction around the creation of the first inn.

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When the film opens, just before the Revolution, Pierre Manceron (Grégory Gadebois) is the renowned chef of the Duke of Chamfort (it is the Poitevin Benjamin Lavernhe of the Comédie-Française who embodies him with his usual talent) . Over lunch, after his master has ordered him a precise menu as usual, Manceron has the audacity to present his recent creation: the delicious. Made with potatoes and truffles, products hated by the clergy who consider that everything that comes from the earth is diabolical, the dish is rejected by the ecclesiastics present. Feeling dishonored, Chamfort sends his cook away.


Murdered, Manceron returns to the family cottage in the provinces with his son Benjamin (Lorenzo Lefebvre). A few months later, Louise (Isabelle Carré), a mysterious young woman, comes to their door: she wants to learn cooking at all costs.

Manceron is reluctant: “Cooking is not a woman’s business. But Louise (who is hiding a heavy secret) is obstinate and pushes the cook to return to the stove and pass on his knowledge to him. From projects to new ideas, their enthusiasm will meet the times and they will open the first inn.

Undertaking an almost detective plot, the scenario of Délicieux shows to what extent the serious social inequalities of the Age of Enlightenment could have exacerbated hatred.

Ridiculous hairstyle, arrogance of one who has always lived on privileges, Benjamin Lavernhe also infuses his character with the cracks and the feverishness of one who knows that his life escapes him. Guillaume de Tonquedec embodies a servile steward, but up to a point. Isabelle Carré, serious and inhabited, is overwhelming, as is Grégory Gadebois, a gentle giant wounded by injustice, subject to his fate, but above all an artist. Délicieux is a film full of passion, emotion and at the very least … tasty!

People who are always looking, like cooks, architects, actors, artists what, are they not more likely to never fall asleep on their laurels?

Despite the tragic aspect of your exchanges, have you not happened to have giggles in scenes with Benjamin Laverhne?

Poitiers: actor Benjamin Lavernhe returns to his city to present “Délicieux”

“I loved your movie. The only problem is that it makes you want to eat delicious food and tonight I’m going to make myself some pasta!” launches this young girl to Eric Besnard and Benjamin Lavernhe, at the end of the screening of “Délicieux” at the CGR Castille, in the city center of Poitiers. Laughter in the room. But everyone nods. Be warned, future spectators: don’t go hungry!


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